The Insta360 Pro 2 comes with higher bitrates, wireless monitoring and gimbal-like stabilisation

Aug 21, 2018
John Aldred

Today, Insta360 has announced the new Insta360 Pro 2, an update to its professional 8K 360° camera, the Insta360 Pro. While the original Insta360 Pro…

This is what it looks like through a 360° camera attached to a flying arrow

Aug 13, 2018
John Aldred

The guys at Corridor are fairly well known for their flying cameras. From others, we’ve also seen action cameras stuffed into a giant nerf football and…

Insta360 debuts a wireless video system for their VR cameras

May 31, 2018
Chad Verzosa

Right now, most consumer and professional 360 cameras use Wi-Fi to operate. Sadly, its limited range means you can only go so far to use…

Insta360’s new Nano S 360° camera gets a 4K upgrade with 360° facetime and multiview video

Jan 9, 2018
John Aldred

Insta360 has updated its line of affordable phone-friendly 360 cameras with the new Insta360 Nano S. It sees some rather significant upgrades over the original…

Google is crowd sourcing Street View footage – There’s no compensation and you need to buy a $3500 camera

Oct 4, 2017
John Aldred

Call me a cynic if you like, but this seems a bit cheeky to me. Google announced in May that users will be soon able…