Flickr is celebrating 20th birthday. Feeling old yet?

Feb 12, 2024
Dunja Djudjic

Can you believe Flickr is already 20 years old? But other than cutting a cake at the HQ, the beloved photography platform has gifts for…

Here are the cameras that shot Flickr’s best images

Dec 8, 2023
Dunja Djudjic

I know, I know, cameras don’t take photos, photographers do. But they operate cameras and take fantastic shots with them. Electronics Hub conducted an interesting study to learn about the most loved photos and the cameras used to take them. They analyzed over 1.1 million photos on Flickr, tagged under different genres like architecture, portrait, landscape, fashion, wildlife, and food. The aim was to identify which camera brands and models receive the most “faves” on Flickr.

You might soon be able to sell your prints on Flickr

Jan 20, 2023
Dunja Djudjic

If you’re looking for new ways and places to sell your prints, you might actually want to go to an old place, one  you may…

Twitter vs. Flickr: A View Count Comparison for Photographers

Dec 30, 2022
Thomas Hawk

Yesterday Twitter announced that they were adding view counts to tweets on Twitter. I thought I’d use this announcement to very unscientifically compare the number of…

SmugMug and Flickr start a non-profit to preserve cultural and historic legacies in photography

Dec 14, 2022
Dunja Djudjic

SmugMug and Flickr have joined forces once again, and this time, it’s to expand of their efforts to promote and preserve photography online. They’ve started…

You’re doing it wrong! what if photographers did social media right?

Dec 4, 2022
David Williams

Here’s a letter from me, a reformed influencer. We’ve covered the many changes to social media for photographers in 2022, including the VERO vs Instagram…

“Virtual photography” is now officially a thing. At least on Flickr

Sep 14, 2022
Dunja Djudjic

When the pandemic hit the world and showed us that it was here to stay for a while, we discussed whether video game photography could…

Flickr now limits NSFW photos to paying members only

Mar 18, 2022
Dunja Djudjic

  Since it was acquired by SmugMug, Flickr has undergone a bunch of changes. In my opinion, mainly positive ones. The company has now announced…

PSA: Google’s free cloud photo storage ends in 2 weeks – Here are eight alternatives

May 16, 2021
John Aldred

Last November, Google announced that its free unlimited photo backup was going to end and it would all fall under the free shared 15GB get…

Google Photos – Bait, meet Switch

Nov 24, 2020
Thomas Hawk

In case you missed it recently, Google Photos has decided to end their free unlimited photo hosting service. Beginning in June of next year users…