Omnivision’s New Smartphone Sensor is Capable of 4K Video at 60fps

Omnivision’s New Smartphone Sensor is Capable of 4K Video at 60fps

omni_16mp_1Omnivision Technologies, a California-based company known for developing imaging sensors for smartphones and action cams, has announced the PureCel® Plus-S QV–16860, a brand new sensor that will take smartphone and action cam slo-mo footage to the next level.

This new 16-megapixel sensor, built on Omnivisions new PureCel Plus-S architecture, is capable of shooting 4K and 2K footage at up to 60fps and 120fps if dropped down to 1080p.

Thanks to the new design, the sensor boasts better low-light capabilities thanks to the increase in size of each pixel. Rather than 1.2 Micron pixels of previous generations, this new model boasts 1.3 Micron pixels, said to improve low-light capabilities by 33%.

OV16860Beyond its slo-mo capabilities and larger pixel size, the Plus-S QV–16860 offers high dynamic range capabilities, uses phase detection autofocus and uses 40% less energy than previous generations, presumably ensuring your device lasts longer than before.

OV16860-1There aren’t any details on what companies might be using this new sensor in their devices, but Omnivision says it should be appearing in smartphones, tablets and action cams when it drops sometime before the end of the year.

[via Steve Digicams]

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