EyeFi Acquires OKDOTHIS, an Idea-Sharing App Co-Founded by Jeremy Cowart

EyeFi Acquires OKDOTHIS, an Idea-Sharing App Co-Founded by Jeremy Cowart

2015-11-12_0001EyeFi announced today it’s acquired OKDOTHIS, an innovative idea-sharing smartphone app co-founded by renowned photographer and illustrator, Jeremy Cowart.

Back in 2013, Cowart spent months teasing a project that ultimately turned out to be OKDOTHIS, a smartphone app that was a collaboration between him and Nashville-based development company, Aloompa.

The concept of OKDOTHIS was to be an app that brought together an ecosystem wherein photographers could share words and phrases, then capture unique images based off those ideas – a writing prompt for photographers, if you will.

The goal was to get photographers thinking outside the box; to look at the outside world differently based on a creative suggestion from someone that could potentially be living halfway around the world.2015-11-12_0002‘When I meet photographers around the world,’ Cowart said in the press release announcing the acquisition, ‘one common theme emerges: exploring new ideas to evolve their skills and get more enjoyment and satisfaction from their photography. That was the idea that led to the creation of OKDOTHIS.’

OKDOTHIS grew extremely fast, mostly thanks to Cowart’s incredible reach within the creative community. However, as much traction as it gained at first, it never reached critical mass, leaving little to be heard about OKDOTHIS over the past year or so.

computerlockupAs it turns out, things might have been quiet due to Aloompa and Cowart searching for a buyer. Details on the acquisition aren’t known, either in regards to who initiated it or the financials behind it, but it appears both parties are more than excited about the transition.

Matt DiMaria, CEO of Eyefi, said in the press release:

We are delighted that the OKDOTHIS team has joined Eyefi. Eyefi has always focused on helping photographers be more productive so they can focus on creativity. With OKDOTHIS, we’re adding the power of social interaction and engagement among photographers to inspire them to challenge and learn from each other.

There’s no word on what this means for the app and ecosystem down the road, but until further notice, it appears all will remain unchanged.

You can read the press release in its entirety on The Digital Picture.

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