EyeFi to drop support for some cards. They will ‘magically’ stop working on September 16, 2016

Jun 30, 2016

John Aldred

John Aldred is a photographer with over 20 years of experience in the portrait and commercial worlds. He is based in Scotland and has been an early adopter – and occasional beta tester – of almost every digital imaging technology in that time. As well as his creative visual work, John uses 3D printing, electronics and programming to create his own photography and filmmaking tools and consults for a number of brands across the industry.

EyeFi to drop support for some cards. They will ‘magically’ stop working on September 16, 2016

Jun 30, 2016

John Aldred

John Aldred is a photographer with over 20 years of experience in the portrait and commercial worlds. He is based in Scotland and has been an early adopter – and occasional beta tester – of almost every digital imaging technology in that time. As well as his creative visual work, John uses 3D printing, electronics and programming to create his own photography and filmmaking tools and consults for a number of brands across the industry.

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I’m a bit disappointed by this one.  I’ve been a huge fan of Eye-Fi cards for several years and own and use several cards. Now, they’re taking planned obsolescence to a whole new level by effectively making most of their past products useless in one fell swoop.

According to an email I received from Eye-Fi today as an existing customer, as of today, Eye-Fi will no longer be offering support for its “legacy product lines”, which includes the very popular Pro X2 range and basically every other product they’ve made except for the current post-2013 Mobi Pro. Pulling the plug basically makes your existing products dead.

As consumers we understand and expect that support for products will end, and we’re left to fend for ourselves.  Rarely, however, does this basically means “pay us more money for a new card, because we’re killing your old one”.

But that’s exactly what’s happening on September 16th, as “key services these products rely on will be shut down at that time”.  Here’s the full list.

  • All original pre-X2 products (Original, Home, Share, Explore, Video Share, Video Explore, Pro)
  • 4GB Geo X2
  • 4GB Connect X2
  • 8GB Explore X2
  • 8GB Mobile X2
  • 8GB Pro X2
  • 16GB Pro X2
  • Visioneer X2
  • Sandisk X2
  • Eye-Fi Windows desktop software (Eye-Fi Center)
  • Eye-Fi Mac desktop software (Eye-Fi Center)
  • Eye-Fi app for iOS
  • Eye-Fi app for Android
  • Eye-Fi Center web app (center.eye.fi)

Their reasoning for killing off the products is that the wi-fi technologies used when the cards were first made are no longer deemed to be secure.  This may certainly be true, but isn’t it ultimately the user’s choice to determine what level of security they need?

I use my Eye-Fi cards used to use my Eye-Fi cards when shooting out on location in the middle of nowhere with my own private LAN, without another soul within a mile of myself and my crew.  Wi-Fi security really isn’t high up on my list of priorities in such conditions.  My cards are never going to be on a public Wi-Fi or connected to the Internet (except where you have no choice).

That’s where the problem lies.  In order to actually do anything with your card, even if you’re not going to be backing up your images to “the cloud”, your card needs to be on an Internet capable network in order to configure it.

I use a TP-Link TL-WR702N USB powered Wi-Fi router when I need a private LAN on location.  The only time I ever use it is when shooting on location, with maybe a laptop, a couple of iPads, a couple of phones, and a camera or two (via Eye-Fi).

In order to get my Eye-Fi cards logging onto this router, the requirement to be online in order to connect to it was a pain, and you can’t tell it to connect to a Wi-Fi network other than the one the configuring computer is already on (even if you want to use the card on a different network).

So, I had to disconnect my PC from the router in my house.  Then I had to disconnect that router from my cablemodem and replace it with the TP-Link and plug my computer into that (after rebooting so that everything saw the new MAC addresses and didn’t get confused), plug my Eye-Fi card into an SD card reader and into the USB socket of my PC.

Then I run the Eye-Fi software, which needs to be online, set up the network for the TP-Link, and the configuration information gets sent back down the Internet to my Eye-Fi software and into the card.

Then I unplug everything again, wire things back up the way they were, reboot, and I’m back.  In all, the process took far longer than it should’ve needed to.

I’ve now replaced the TL-WR702N with the newer and faster TP-Link TL-WR802N, and I’m going to have to go through that whole pain in the backside process again to configure my Eye-Fi cards for that… Except I can’t!

There’s no way to configure these cards without the Internet, which means that when Eye-Fi pull those servers down on September 16th, all our existing cards are pretty much useless, unless we’ve already configured them to work in Direct Mode (which Eye-Fi warn will probably also quit working when the servers go down).

I can also understand the pulling of the servers.  If they’re no longer selling products that require them, then why waste money and resources keeping them up?

But surely they could’ve released a standalone version of their desktop software that doesn’t require Internet? Or a firmware update that wouldn’t completely kill products that we’ve actually paid money for?

They’ve been working on phasing out products and getting ready to drop support since 2012, but when the products still work fine for the vast majority of people who own them, I can see this losing them a lot of past customers who are now being told to pay up for a new device or go away.

I know that I’ll never be buying another Eye-Fi product again, even for my cameras that don’t feature built-in Wi-Fi.  Fortunately, as those cameras get replaced, thanks to manufacturers now including Wi-Fi as standard in many new cameras, I don’t have to.

Do you use Eye-Fi cards? Is this going to drastically and potentially expensively change your process and workflow? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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John Aldred

John Aldred

John Aldred is a photographer with over 20 years of experience in the portrait and commercial worlds. He is based in Scotland and has been an early adopter – and occasional beta tester – of almost every digital imaging technology in that time. As well as his creative visual work, John uses 3D printing, electronics and programming to create his own photography and filmmaking tools and consults for a number of brands across the industry.

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79 responses to “EyeFi to drop support for some cards. They will ‘magically’ stop working on September 16, 2016”

  1. John Avatar

    pure bs, time for a class action suit.

  2. David Alan Kidd Avatar
    David Alan Kidd

    I would have re-tweeted it, but I had to have the very bad man gif included. [and twitter won’t include images in quotes. :(

  3. Dagge Avatar

    Never again anything from EyeFi

    1. Kramer101 Avatar

      Ricoh and Pentax. They are behind this.

  4. Tomás Armán Avatar
    Tomás Armán

    I rely entirely on Eyefi cards (old ones pre X2), so I’m looking for another transfer tool, of course NOT eyefi.

    1. Ovìdíu Şerbu Avatar
      Ovìdíu Şerbu

      found a solution ?

  5. David Harpe Avatar
    David Harpe

    It’s a bad deal. At the very least they should offer a trade-in program.

  6. DNH Avatar

    I have a half dozen Eye-Fi cards, all are on the end-of-life list.

    I’m looking at switching to Toshiba Flash Air, seems like a much more robust product.

    1. DT L Avatar
      DT L

      Beat me to it lol

  7. DT L Avatar
    DT L

    How about the Toshiba Flashair product? I own that one but haven’t used it in years due to its almost impossible difficulty to reconfigure on a new network.

  8. J. P. Avatar
    J. P.

    This article just gave me the BEST reason to NEVER buy-into anything that is not Canikon…

    1. Jan Andreas Knudsen Avatar
      Jan Andreas Knudsen

      Like a bottle of milk?

  9. Sean Avatar

    Thank goodness my D750 has built in wifi.

  10. John Avatar

    This is outrageous, imagine if your car manufacturer emailed you to say you won’t be able to use your car in two months. Is this even legal (I’m in the UK so maybe not much I can do but if anyone in the US can check, do so)?! I’ve tried emailing and calling them, nothing back as yet. I think for now we need to spread the news about this to anyone who might be remotely interested (other photography publications, on social media etc etc) in the hope EyeFi will see sense and keep these cards running otherwise no one will buy anything EyeFi ever again. They list their investors on their website, I’m going to start emailing them to make this last point – I suggest you all do the same.

    And Sean – there’s a word for people like you…

    1. Kramer101 Avatar

      It’s Ricoh And Pentax you need to be boycotting.

      1. usviFI Avatar

        Yeah, Eye-Fi has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with this and Ricoh took the cloud by gunpoint :)

  11. Sam Dickinson Avatar
    Sam Dickinson

    I wonder if they realise how much damage this will do to their brand. I have considered buying their cards many times over the years, getting closer each time, now, I will never buy one of their products.

    1. Chris Rogers Avatar
      Chris Rogers

      Yup same here. I was going to buy one in the next month or so but after this I won’t. I don’t support brands that do shady shizz like this to their consumers.

      1. Bryn Avatar

        Agree – I won’t even be searching for Eye-Fi ever again, other than looking for firmware hacks to keep the one I recently bought working… Will also tell everyone I know never to consider them – this is totally ridiculous.

        1. Chris Rogers Avatar
          Chris Rogers

          If companies want to alienate their customer base this is the perfect way to do it. They did say they were releasing a “fix” for this but it still limits the capabilities of the card by a lot and pretty much makes the “fix” worthless.

    2. Kramer101 Avatar

      Add Ricoh and Pentax to the list. Their acuisition of Eye Fi cloud services is what has triggered this.

      1. David Freyberger Avatar
        David Freyberger

        count me in

  12. usviFI Avatar

    I can’t believe this is happening. Of course back in the days I felt strange about the card being so tightly coupled with their cloud service. Should have known it would come to this. I’m going to see if I can get my money back from the seller as this ended up being a defective product.

  13. Trino Pam Avatar
    Trino Pam

    I’m glad I never bought this, but I find sad for other people who trusted this brand. Still can someone explain me the use if this when we have slr cameras with wifi?

    1. John Avatar

      I’m sorry, I didn’t realise all SLR cameras have WiFi and have always done so since their inception. Silly me :)

  14. Andrey Avatar

    Sued out of business in 3… 2…

  15. Dick Durham Avatar
    Dick Durham

    I’m seriously pissed off about this. I shoot sports in the field and use the X2 cards to upload via my mobile phone to Twitter and Instagram on my clients feeds. It’s a service I offer and charge for. Now Eye_Fi have given me less than 90 days notice that part of my income stream will die. Please can we have an article on alternative products.

  16. Wim Verheij Avatar
    Wim Verheij

    In the past people have built basic configuration tools for linux that do not require connecting to the Eyefi servers.
    I don’t know the status of the project, but you could give it a try: http://sr71.net/projects/eyefi/

  17. Hallgeir Lied Avatar
    Hallgeir Lied

    I bought a Sandisk EyeFI cfcard in April 2015 for use with my Doxie document scanner to push scanned images to my local network server using wifi. EyeFi company bricking the hardware will not make me buy another cfcard from them, and I will in no way trust them to deliver cloud services for my images after this latest move. I have told them so on their Zendesk “community” page which ‘magically’ disappeared later this morning. Zendesk says “Businesses are made of relationships” on their front page. So true, and my advice to the EyeFi CEO is to mark this advice from Zendesk.

    1. Kramer101 Avatar

      It’s the Ricoh CEO you need to be addressing.

  18. Cesar Sales Avatar
    Cesar Sales

    I’ve used the legacy eyefi cards for a long time, but honestly, the setup was so cumbersome I began transferring to my tablet and phone via OTG USB and using apps to remotely control and I love it so much more! Will not be buying another anyway since I’m due for a camera upgrade and it still likely have wifi.

    1. MortenVinding Avatar

      Beware that built-in wifi not = eye-fi!!
      A felt into that trap with my Nikon AW110 camera, sure it has wifi but only for direct transfer. So I actually use a eye-fi card in my wifi camera for the automatic upload to flickr functionality!
      Makes me hate Nikon, and now also Eye-Fi for closing that possibility.
      Actually I thought Nikon left out the hotspot mode not to piss off Eye-Fi.

      I even bought another Eye-Fi card for my parents, since it was kind of a “setup and forget” thing, well apparently not anymore…
      Lesson learned: ALWAYS find a solution that is not relying on a single company.

      1. Norm Avatar

        Are there *any* wifi-enabled DSLR cameras that have the same functionality as Eye-Fi? Here’s what I’m looking for, and I’m happy to buy a new camera to get it: I take a picture and the photo automatically gets uploaded to my PC. Period. In advance, I’m happy to provide the camera with the SSID and password for my local network (the same network that the PC is on), but I don’t want to have to regularly change the Wi-Fi settings on my PC. And I don’t want to have to use a smartphone as some sort of intermediary, either. Does this even exist?

  19. Andreas Avatar

    I have eye fi cards from the very first beginning – still in use for some special purposes and I just bought several 8GB SanDisk Eye-Fi Cards
    I use the eye-fi center on a MBP
    but have to install ist also on a windows based system soon
    Will it be possible to use this in the future?

    I mean the setup
    eye-fi card -> WLAN -> computer
    will it still be working in the future?

  20. John Seidel Avatar
    John Seidel

    I don’t use Eye-Fi cards, but I wonder how this fits in, Ricoh Innovations Corporation (not Ricoh Imaging) acquired Eye-Fi Cloud – http://pentaxrumors.com/2016/06/17/ricoh-innovations-acquires-eye-fi-cloud/#more-1340

  21. Ricoh/Eyefi is Lame Avatar
    Ricoh/Eyefi is Lame

    Lets get the class action suit started. Anyone know a lawyer?

  22. pluxdevcam Avatar

    I have the eyefi mobi pro 16gb and the sandisk eyefi 8gb, and open the case for view the internal board, and friends, are the same! yes, in fact the internal board eyefi mobi pro 16gb is label in up right corner as REV 2009.

    Yes is true, the new eyefi mobi pro 16gb use the older and same main sd board as olders.

    1. MortenVinding Avatar

      So that kills the “newer cards with better security” argument!
      If the hardware is the same, then surely they could have improved the security in firmware, if they wanted to.

  23. Alex Plasko Avatar
    Alex Plasko

    Three words: Class Action Lawsuit

    1. A guy Avatar
      A guy

      Keep me informed.

    2. cyks Avatar

      I’ve been looking, but outside of the Change petition, I haven’t found anything. I’d love to be a part of something bigger

    3. David Freyberger Avatar
      David Freyberger

      I too am in for anything to fix this, software or lawsuit.

    4. SauChi Avatar

      Count me in

  24. coolspot Avatar

    Their Mobi line doesn’t even have feature parity with the X2 – no GeoTagging (which surprisingly works) no thanks.

    1. Robert Plummer Avatar
      Robert Plummer

      The Eyefi Mobi and Mobi Pro both support Geotagging, it’s just not enabled by default.

      1. coolspot Avatar

        Does it use server side geotagging or via an app? The server side tagging worked very well on the X2.

        1. Kirstyn Fox Avatar
          Kirstyn Fox

          Via the app. If your time is correct on your camera it works great. It will use your phones location history to figure out where you were.

          1. coolspot Avatar

            Yeah, that’s what I don’t like about the new system. The old one used to log WiFi coordinates automatically when a photo is taken – no app required. It worked really well in urban areas.

  25. Tim Stewart Avatar
    Tim Stewart

    Eye-Fi Discontinues X2 Cards and Abandons & Burns Loyal
    John, see my posted comments…

    First, my company has been a very vocal and loyal Eyefi customer since October 2010. We have uploaded 621,373 photos since 10-29-2010!

    Eyefi was on the cutting edge of what I considered revolutionary. Just imaging being able to take photos on your camera and have them automatically upload to a destination of your choice!

    Our company, which dispatches photographers to auto dealers, thought that we could design our entire new photo collection system around this tech – so we DID!

    October 29, 2010 was our product launch date and we have been going strong since. I can only recall one time in almost 6 years that we had images not upload instantly.

    It was hard for us to fathom the reliability of the Eyefi system because it never failed us! It made us true believers and our whole system was built around this service.

    The true beauty of the X2 cards was that once they were paired with a wifi hotspot, the photos uploaded instantly to our ftp server. The hotspot and direct uploading was perfect for offsite work- no smartphone or pc required.

    We did have the ability to turn on a smartphone wifi if needed but there was no software required to connect with the camera and when you are taking 400+ photos a day a smartphone will drain quickly even with a battery backup.

    Bypassing any intermediary was key for us. Uploading straight to eyefi then our servers was the “secret sauce”.

    Now fast forward to today, July 13th, 2016.

    It’s hard to believe that Eyefi is abandoning its loyal base of users.
    We will gladly pay for this service to continue and there may be some hope for the Mobi cards but as of RIGHT NOW, there isn’t.

    The new Mobi cards don’t have the ability to directly upload to the Eyefi cloud which is a HUGE STEP BACKWARDS. This means that we must use our smartphones or lug around a pc to relay these photos from the camera to the web.

    It makes absolutely zero sense to use the Eyefi cloud at that point since I can set the smartphone/pc to upload directly to our ftp servers.

    So how short sighted is that? You have now lost guaranteed revenue stream. Had you had direct upload to your Eyefi cloud, I would continue to be a paying customer. I’d then tie into your cloud api and pull my photos from that.

    Here is what I would like eyefi do to for the X2 customers.

    Open source the eyefi center software so we can continue to setup our X2 cards locally with hotspots.
    Open up the code for the cards so we can directly upload to our own servers and bypass eyefi. This is possible with a hack but you should open it up.
    Keep the existing X2 cards active until 12/31/2016 to allow many of us to explore other options.
    … or just FIX the Mobi cards to allow direct uploads to the cloud!

    1. Norm Avatar

      None of the mobi cards — or any of the other cards out there for that matter — seem to do what the X2 line of cards does. Surely there can be a way to keep the servers running or allow for a firmware workaround.

    2. David Freyberger Avatar
      David Freyberger

      Well put. I used the cards to do all my online sales photos.

  26. pluxiom Avatar

    If the new eyefi mobiPRO is same card as SanDisk Eye-Fi and Eye-Fi X2 ( same board internal hardware ), Why paid for a new card, if only need make a update firmware?

  27. Sean Davis Avatar
    Sean Davis

    I will never buy another EyeFi product for as long as I live. I hope the company goes bankrupt.

  28. Aaron Avatar

    Buyer beware they will just upgrade and abandon you! this is the worst service company I have ever seen!

  29. Ga-Ming Shum Avatar
    Ga-Ming Shum

    I was wondering why all my eye-fi cards stopped working today… WTF! My last card was from a six month ago and I have those in multiple cameras and scanners.
    20% off for “upgrading” to their newer cards? Nope, never know if those cards will be retired next year or the following. Forcing a upgrade by bricking the old cards. They’re doing this now that alot of camera brands support eye-fi. Eye-Fi should have informed their customers that older cards are not that secure BUT still let them decide if they want to keep using those cards. Transfer photos via their servers was really bad for us customers but at that time they were the leading brand. Time to limit my damage and give other names a chance. Toshiba Flashair sounds good? Anyone tried that? Toshiba has been around for a long time and they make some nice harddrives and usb flashdrives…
    Flashair transfer directly to computers and other devices. That means it will work as long as the card is still functioning. A few users likes the cards so much so they wrote their software to expand the cards functionality. Sounds interesting.

  30. Reg Barrett Avatar
    Reg Barrett

    Get a CASE Remote Air and tell eyefi to shove their cards up you know where.

  31. Mike insol Avatar
    Mike insol

    Total pain in the A**e! Shows utter contemp for loyal customers! Is the a case for legal action here? You buy something, and then the supplier stops it working!! SHAMEFUL, and typical of todays businesses – they just don’t seem to give a damm!!

  32. DWhatley Avatar

    I clearly misunderstood their announcement. I “thought” my existing setup (local network with up load to networked PC) would continue to function. It appears that now the ProXe series is useless for anything but normal SD storage as even this simplest of setups now fails.

  33. A guy Avatar
    A guy

    I will not buy another eye fi. I want to know if there is a class action lawsuit. Thanks!

  34. A guy Avatar
    A guy

    What is a viable alternative? I need to be able to send the pics to my computer, and then the software to send it to my FTP. Anyone know something that can do this?

  35. Kookoo Avatar

    So friggin disappointed. My Eye Fi card has stopped working. It’s now just an expensive SD card. Well, no more Eye Fi products for me.

  36. DD40 Avatar

    Toshiba FlashAir!

  37. Hazel Evans Avatar
    Hazel Evans

    This has been my biggest frustration!

  38. charleswenzel Avatar

    My company has been in existence since 1979. We will gladly repair any product and, if it’s our mistake, there will be no charge. I can’t imagine the mentality that makes it okay to break a product intentionally – sounds like Windows 10, actually. I will make sure that nobody I care about buys from Mobi or Eye-Fi.

  39. Peter Wong Avatar
    Peter Wong

    Guys, Such a bummer to cut us off like that. Managed to trace down the wifi passwords for both my Eye-fi cards. Direct Mode does kick in. In Android Eye-fi App (both 1.6.7 and 1.6.6) it “detects” the card, then says “Status Connection Interupted”

    I think it was looking to check with central Eye-Fi server before transmitting. But those servers are fully disabled now.

    What a hopeless company. Forced us out. !!!

  40. Don Stevens Avatar
    Don Stevens

    Please, Please on the Class Action Lawsuit. EOL does not give Eye Fi the right to disable a product for direct transfer and the X2 utility seems to NOT work with all cards!

  41. Benjamin Huerta Avatar
    Benjamin Huerta

    I used to work with this card for my e-business, but I’ve stopping using it for a long time, because I was focused in other activities. So, now that I returning to keep taking pics, I realize that this don’t work anymore. Due lack of time, I’ve never checked the email with the warning. Does anyone has figured out how put it to work again?? I’ve install the Keenai software, hoping it will help me to update the software, but it only would work buying a new card :( I’ve read here about a CAL, I’ll want to be informed and join it. Thanks for your time!

    1. cogkinetics Avatar

      same here, i hadnt used it since early last year, then i used it again last month and spent way too long trying to troubleshoot the problem only to find out just now that this has happened. you would think they would put a notice on the download page for the eyefi center. absolute shitbags

  42. Steve Hodges Avatar
    Steve Hodges

    Thank you, I have finally found someone that has the same anger as myself. They should have at least given some money off a new card, say if you post your old bricked one into them, but they didnt. I will stay away from this company.

  43. Joeski Avatar

    Even worse, they didn’t link the old domain to the new site. So many dead links on the net. I’m trying to get info about the new Mobi products and it’s a massive pain. They didn’t think this transition through.

  44. Özkal Özsoy Avatar
    Özkal Özsoy

    I’ve owned 5-6 eye fi cards and all of them are dead now. I had recommended many of my friends to buy eye-fi. Their cards died too. I wait for a replacement card to appear to buy it, not from eye-fi for sure. I can not buy anything from an untrustworthy firm.

  45. David Freyberger Avatar
    David Freyberger

    this sucks… I recommended these cards to all family and friends and now… All my cards are now unusable. i need passwords i do not have, codes i or they lost long ago because i though i would never need then again after setting them up with eyefi. Eyefi give us direct connect back free or Class Action Lawsuit.

  46. willie Avatar

    Need help trying to find the software for Eye-fi 8gb the orange and gray card.
    I received the card and accidentally erase the info on the card.. Any information you
    can provide me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, wwhite113.

  47. wimmer Avatar

    Having re-installed windows, and no eye-fi servers to connect to, I got over this by copying the eye-fi folders from AppData, the startup line from the registry, and some extra files created by eye-fi in the installation folder. YES it it works, I now upload to non wi-fi PC via my wireless router.

  48. MJC Avatar

    Any chance anyone is still tooling around in this comment section? I still use an old eye-fi card to shoot but I just use it like a regular card (ie plug it into a reader and download images manually.)
    I haven’t used it in a while but after capturing my most recent videos on this card, I can’t get it to show up on my card reader at ALL.
    Is there any reason why the Pro x2 would no longer operate as a normal SD card?

  49. chinarut Avatar

    ah – just moved and stumbled on my old SD400 and 2GB Eye-Fi Share – hadn’t been touched since 2015.

    I was concerned the card wouldn’t even work as a dumb SD and whew – it still works.

    I agree, it is a bummer they didn’t roll out a firmware update for some kind of local WiFi function.

    This is exactly the concern I have about IoT – we evaluated a few smart plugs earlier this year and after navigating the nightmare of cloud portals online, we concluded open source (pre-flashed Tasmota and Home Assistant) will be the way to go.

    These companies just don’t learn when it comes to making the cloud just a value-added feature and being optional!