Why you should care about megapixels

Why you should care about megapixels


Tony Northrup has stirred more than his fair share of pots in the photography community. But time and time again he comes back with another in-depth video that shows us an intricate component many of us either overlook on a daily basis or understand but take for granted.

That’s precisely the case with his latest video titled ‘Megapixels – Should You Care?’ In it, Northrup shares a detailed rundown of almost anything and everything that relates to the pixels inside your camera.

In the fifteen minute video, he covers everything from how megapixels affect print quality to how important of a role glass quality plays in the world of pixel peeping.

Whether you’re new to the photography world, are looking for a refresher or just want to pick up a few technological details you’ve never heard before, the video is well worth a watch when you can set some time aside.

YouTube video

You can head on over to Northrup’s YouTube channel to subscribe to his future videos.

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