Hold On Hipsters, Holga Cameras Will No Longer Be Produced

Hold On Hipsters, Holga Cameras Will No Longer Be Produced

HolgaFreestyle Photographic Supplies, the distributor of Holga cameras in the United States, has announced it will no longer produce or sell Holga cameras and accessories.

In the press release, Freestyle Photographic Supplies seems almost passive aggressive towards other manufacturers who’ve created ‘tens of thousands of cameras [that] were sold in twenty different countries with almost no change in the original design.’

‘It is with a sad heart that we say goodbye to a camera that has been so popular with so many,’ reads the announcement post. ‘A Holga Camera really is about creativity and unpredictability and a refreshing medium in today’s digital age’

For those hoping Holga will pull an Impossible Project and be resurrected from the dead, don’t count on it. According to a factory spokesperson, ‘all Holga tooling has already been thrown away and there is nothing available for sale.’

All Holga cameras produced so far will be available around the world, but once those sell out, that’s it. Stock up now while you have a chance.

[via Photo Rumors]

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