How to get over your fears of shooting street photography

How to get over your fears of shooting street photography

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Yesterday, we shared a video from Eric Kim wherein he shares a montage of tips for shooting street photography while traveling. Today, we’ve come across an older video from Eric that follows along the same lines of yesterday’s video, but addresses a separate problem, the fear of street photography.

Street photography is a daunting genre to dive into. Sure, it can be very hands off and journalistic in nature, but it’s also possible to create a much more personal style, where you are much more interactive with your subjects (think Humans of New York).

To help get over the fear, Kim created a video that explains a few tips and thoughts he utilizes to get over that fear of shooting strangers on the street. It’s 45-minutes long, so it’s a bit of a doozy, but as with all of Eric’s stuff, the presentation is very casual and easy to get through.

YouTube video

In addition to the video, Kim shared the slides from the video on Slideshare.

[via Reddit]

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