Studio Lighting – DIY: Home-made Power Pack Flashes (Part II) – Variations on a theme

Dec 9, 2006
Udi Tirosh

Ok, So you’ve got your DIY Flash/Strobe working. Now you want to evolve to a full DIY studio – Here are some uses for the…

Studio Lighting – DIY: Home-made Power Pack Flashes (Part I)

Dec 9, 2006
Udi Tirosh

The following article was contributed by Avner Richard, not only a great photgrapher, but also an electronic wizard. Studio strobes are quite expensive, especially when…

Studio Lighting – Super Simple Light Tent

Dec 2, 2006
Udi Tirosh

I was inspired to do this project after seeing the PVC light tent posted on the MAKE blog. This light tent uses a cardboard box…

Super Cheap DIY Camera Wrist Strap

Aug 25, 2006
Guest Author

Alrighty so I just got my new camera (Kodak p850) and it is wicked rad and I’m having lots of fun figuring out all the…

Cheap DIY (Homemade) Muslin Photography Background

Jul 31, 2006
Udi Tirosh

This project had the website in mind and strives to help develop it into a vibrant online community. This backdrop is similar to those…

Studio Lighting – What Short Light And Broad Light Are

May 28, 2006
Udi Tirosh

What Is Short Light? Short light is type of studio lighting setup, where the face side which is further from the camera gets the main…

Studio Lighting – Really cheap homemade diy studio – no lighting needed

Apr 28, 2006
Udi Tirosh

So, you want to start your own homemade photography studio but you are totally broke and you want it to be cheap. Actually, being cheap…

Studio Lighting – Cheap DIY Homemade Reflector Stand

Mar 20, 2006
Udi Tirosh

The following article about how to build a homemade reflector stand was contributed by Brian Zimmerman. You will want to use a reflector if you…

Studio Lighting – Home Made Cheap DIY Backdrop Stand

Mar 19, 2006
Udi Tirosh

In The following article, Brian will demonstrate how to build a DIY backdrop stand. The stand, along with matching backdrop will help to create a…

Studio Lighting – DIY Homemade Flash Mini-Bouncer

Mar 13, 2006
Udi Tirosh

Here Brian shows how to build a homemade cheap flash bouncer. The flash bouncer can be used to increase the size of a hot-shoe flash….