Stabilize Your GoPro Footage By Pressing It To Your Face


You probably noticed how shaky GoPro footage is. The combination of the camera being so small and so light practically outsources stability to the photographer.

There are some GoPro dedicated Steadycams in the market which will help with stabilization, but if you just need a quick smooth shot, you would not believe how easily you can make one. After watching this short from Mic Bergsma you would never stop kissing your GoPro too.

The trick, revealed by MicBergsma is to simply press (or at least rest) the go pro to your face (see the image above if you want a visual illustration). This makes a lot of sense, and is so simple it is genius. By pressing the camera to your face you are adding a second contact point wit the camera that acts as a balance to your naturally shaking hands. (Much like marksmen rest their cheek to their gun).

That said, you may wanna take extra caution with doing this when the movement is too strong, so you don’t end up slamming your face against the camera, and getting severely injured.

[Film steady – GoPro rest against the face | Mic Bergsma via nofilmschool, filmmakeriq]

P.S. movie still shaky? better get familiar with the warp stabilizer.

  • Juan Romero

    at the expense of looking retarded!

    • Marco

      A men gotta do what a men gotta do

    • Jayson Carey

      There’s a LOT of things we do as filmmakers that look really stupid.

      • Rick

        In the end it’s all about the results not the process.

  • joe_average

    ha ha lmfao! or just get a sony action cam with image stabilization!!!

  • Jared Lawson

    Interesting tip! It may not look the best but it looks like it works! Photography Tips / Gallery

  • Greg

    The interesting thing here is that with the advent of stabilization and even worse only having a screen on the back of the camera and not an optical or electronic viewfinder people have forgotten the number one rule of hand held sharp photos- press your camera into your face , tuck both your elbows into your sides, tense your body and create- wait for it – a tripod. Holding any camera at arms length is a recipe for shaky blurry photos.