Seasonal Beauties Is A Wonderful Double Exposure About The Changing Seasons


Graphic designer and illustrator Alon Avissar is putting a new twist on double exposures. Avissar was inspired by the dieing winter and wanted to experiment with seasonal portraits:

With it being the dead of winter and having been snowed in for the past couple days now, I starting thinking about what designs I could create based on the theme of ‘seasons

The result is a series of wonderfully delighting double exposure portraits each made to a season theme, with colors to match.

alon-avissar-15 alon-avissar-03 alon-avissar-10 alon-avissar-11But this is not the first time Alon Avissar has experimented with double exposures. He started doing double exposures last year, and have had very good response from the community:

Recently I have been playing around with different techniques for exposing multiple images in a single piece. I found that blending someone’s image along with a background and negative space, made for some really interesting combinations. To make the images a bit more personal, I also used pictures of friends and family.

It was a good call, as Avissar later reports

Since early last year, I have been experimenting with multiple exposures designs. These works have yielded much interest by clients and have been covered by numerous art, design and photography websites

alon-avissar-01 alon-avissar-02 alon-avissar-04 alon-avissar-05 alon-avissar-06 alon-avissar-07 alon-avissar-08 alon-avissar-12 alon-avissar-13 alon-avissar-14You can see more of this wonderful work over at Alon Avissar’s site, along with some clever art designs.

  • whyMixMetaphors

    As nice as these are, they aren’t double exposures. They’re just PS manipulation and blending. Double exposures are two exposures (or more) made *in camera* on film or a sensor.

    • Chris

      Were just about to say the same…

  • Gavin

    They dont have to be made in camera. You have far more conrrol in photoshop.