How To Make A DIY Square LED Ring Light

build a ledsquare RinglightHere’s a quick and easy DIY build you can use to spice up your collection of studio lighting. Kevin Kubota walks us through the process in the 12 minute CreativeLive session, below. He uses four of these 4′ LED strip lights he found at Lowes for $34 each, so this isn’t exactly a cheap only-need-stuff-you-already-own kind of build, but I imagine if you looked around a bit, you could source some less expensive lights. With that being said, however, Kubota prefers the more expensive LED lights of florescent lights for a few reasons. Primarily, that they are much more durable than florescent; also that they draw very little power, making them ideal to use on location with his AlienBees portable power pack.  [Read more...]

The Advantages Of Shooting With A Rangefinder And How To Use One


Ever wonder what it was like to shoot with a rangefinder? In this quick little vignette produced by Leica, street photographer Craig Semetko takes us on location as he wonders the city showing viewers the benefits of using a rangefinder firsthand. Semetko also explains how to use one, which is a slightly different process than your typical SLR.

“When you look through the viewfinder of an [Leica] M, everything is in focus. Everything has clarity whether it is behind your subject or in front of your subject or your subject itself. When you look through an SLR, you’re actually looking through the lens and the lens is going to show the picture it wants you to take. Things are going to be in focus and things are going to be out of focus. The M demands more from the photographer, it demands you use your imagination, that you think about what you’re doing, understand what it is you want to achieve then change your manual controls accordingly to achieve that vision.”

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Want To Know More About Stop Motion Photography? This Free Online Course Can Help Get Your Started

Photo: Day 24 by Pascal

Photo: Day 24 by Pascal

If you ever wanted to try your hand at stop motion photography, or just learn more about it, here’s your chance. As part of their 12 Days Of Learning promotion, the online education resource, Lynda, is offering an entire course on stop motion photography free of charge–you click through here to view it. Taught by professional photographer Richard Harrington and produced by his visual communications company RhedPixel, the two hour course walks you through entire process of stop animation filmmaking from beginning to end. [Read more...]

The Quirky PrintSnap Instant Camera Let’s You Create Instant Prints On The Cheap

printsnapAs a camera, the PrintSnap may not be for everyone, but don’t let that stop you from checking out this awesome camera hack. The prototype of the instant camera featured in the quirky video below, was handcrafted by electronic tinkerer, Ch00f, who had an epiphany while waiting in line at the local Nordstroms. The quickness in which the receipt was printed using a thermal printer inspired him create a device that would further utilize the printing technology. After mulling over a couple initial ideas for a couple years, Ch00f finally set them aside and decided to create the PrintSnap.

Now, after just  three months of construction, a prototype is finished. Take a quick look at the funny spoof like video he’s created to show people his invention: [Read more...]

Flickr Issues Apology, Removes Creative Commons Photos From Marketplace; But Is It Too Little Too Late?

"Photographing the Photographer" Photo by: Thibault Martin-Lagardette

“Photographing the Photographer” Photo by: Thibault Martin-Lagardette

In an announcement made today on Flickr, their Vice President Bernardo Hernandez, has issued an official apology letter to it’s users after launching their Wall Art Marketplace program which allowed other Flickr users to purchase prints of photos in the Creative Commons photo pool, with all proceeds going to Flickr. Though Flickr was not actually doing anything illegal, many photographers were caught off guard by the move and most found it to be morally appalling. Hernandez’s letter starts out: [Read more...]

BPG Image File Format Looks Notably Better, But Can It Replace JPEG?

For so long we have accepted and integrated JPEGs into our digital lives, it’s almost hard to fathom that there could be a better alternative. A new, mysterious file format that not only creates smaller files, but one that makes better looking photos, too. Howerever, Fabrice Bellard has come up with a new format, the aptly titled Better Portable Graphics (or BPG), which does just that. BPG utilizes the new x265 video codec to create an image file which is equivalent to pulling a single frame out of a H.265 video clip.

bpg [Read more...]

Nikon Cautions Buyers As Multiple Fake Nikon D800E Cameras Surface On Online Auction Sites

Photo by: Peter Massas "Tool Kit"

Photo by: Peter Massas “Tool Kit”

Nikon has issued a press release that warns potential buyers of Nikon D800E’s to use caution when purchasing said cameras from online auction sites and classifieds. The major camera manufacturer says they have received a number of Nikon D800E’s in for repair only to find out they were actually D800′s disguised in a D800E case.

“We have confirmed that there are cases in which D800E digital SLR cameras were received for repair, only to find that the cameras were actually fraudulently modified D800 cameras whose covers had been replaced with D800E covers. It seems that these fraudulently modified products are in circulation via Internet auctions and the like.”

Seeing as how Nikon cannot be held responsible for honoring a warranty on such a device, they are urging shoppers to ensure they are actually getting what they’re paying for. In the press release, they offer this advice: [Read more...]

Lightroom’s “Match Total Exposure” Feature Saves Time And Incorrectly Exposed Photos

Ever accidentally forget to turn off bracketing and ended up with a bunch of incorrectly exposed images only to spend too much time in post trying to fix them individually? As Matt Kloskowski explains in the video tutorial below, the “Match Total Exposure” feature in Lightroom could be just the trick you are looking for. The feature is also useful when you’re trying to sort out the best bracketed images to be used for HDR photos. [Read more...]

This Remote Controlled BuggyCam Looks Like Even More Fun To Use Than A Drone


This is what you get when you put a BBC wildlife cameraman (Rob Drewett) and a buggy racer/design engineer (Andy Nancollis) together in the same workspace: a really sweet looking 4WD buggy that can pack your camera over all sorts of terrain at speeds of up to 40mph. Collectively called Motion Impossible, the two based the BuggyCam design on a race proven remote controlled vehicle, and as though that wasn’t cool enough, Drewett and Nancollis made it even better by developing their V-CON camera mount system to pair with a Freefly Movi M15 stabilizer ($11,995), which means you can use it to get professional quality photos and smooth video.

It also means it’s sturdy enough to carry professional grade photography and cinematography equipment. In fact, in the two clips below, you can see the guys using it to tote around a RED while shooting on location in a forest and also capturing some great footage of a peregrine in flight. [Read more...]

How To Find Inspiration And Take Interesting Photos In Boring Locations

how to

Regardless of where you live, chances are there’s some really incredible places to take photos nearby. The problem is, after looking at and photographing the same thing over and over again, it becomes increasingly difficult for us to see the beauty in it anymore. As a photographer, having the ability to find inspiration in the most boring, redundant, or even cliched locations is invaluable.

It’s frustrating, but, fortunately not all is lost. In the video below, Mike Brown invites us into his own backyard, a place he’s photographed a 1000 different ways already, to show us a few methods he uses to get the creative juices flowing when our eyes can’t see beyond routine. [Read more...]