Brazillian Photographer Embarks On Ambitious Project To Photograph Every Single Skin Tone

Angélica DassWe often identify ourselves and one another as being black or white, or red or yellow. But Angélica Dass, a Brazilian photographer, has set out to record and catalog every precise variation of human skin tone there is. Dass has aptly titled  the project HUMANÆ and says says all the participants are volunteers that reached out to her after reading a call which the photographer posted on her social media accounts.

So far she has photographed people from Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Paris, and Chicago in addition to several other locations around the world. The mission statement for HUMANÆ explains: [Read more…]

Behind The Scenes: Location Scouting & Shooting The Solar Eclipse On The Isle of Skye

We don’t get to witness a solar eclipse very frequently, so when one is scheduled to happen and you want to photograph it, you have to be willing to put in the footwork to make it happen. For some firsthand experience on the matter, check out this quick video from RedBull. The behind the scenes action takes you on location to the Isle of Skye (Scotland), as photographer Rutger Pauw does some location scouting for a solar eclipse photoshoot with professional athlete, Danny MacAskill.

Gotta love hiking through the mountainous damp back country while lugging around a beastly 800mm lens! [Read more…]

Which One Of These Party Animal Cameras Would You Invite Over To Your Place? [Humor]

What could possibly be more fun than personifying inanimate objects? Especially when those objects are cameras. And not just any old Canon or Nikon DSLR, those are entirely too boring. Everyone knows those trendy mirrorless types have all the personality. They’re basically the reality TV stars of the camera world. Don’t believe me? Check out this humorous clip from The Camera Store, where they partake in a harmless little social experiment by inviting 6 different mirrorless models to a party (7 if you’re counting Samsung, that poor guy never gets any love).

The cheeky dialog between the cameras pokes fun at all the sterotypes and stigmas attached to each camera in the real world. Except for Samsung, a good time is had by all, especially the Sony a7r who convinces the Fuji X-T1 to go back to his place before the party is even over… [Read more…]

National Geographic Photographer Shows The Fascinating & Dangerous Life Of A Sherpa


“Sherpa does not mean to carry something, it’s an ethnic group, not a job,” begins Aaron Huey. Huey, really needs no introduction, his work with National Geographic speaks for himself. On his latest adventure shooting for the magazine, Huey wanted to explore the life of the Sherpa–the ‘Unsung Heroes of Everest‘.

In this 14-minute long clip, Huey, expounds on his time spent with the Sherpas including some humorous vignettes, thoughtful insights, and a whole bunch of jaw dropping photos. [Read more…]

Mind Bending Clip Shot With 75 Camera Bullet Time Array Showcases Equally Mind Bending BMX Tricks

Sometimes you have such a clear vision of the photo you want to take, anything less is unacceptable. Such is the case when Christian Van Hanja began work on a project that would consume over five years of his life. Hanja had a very specific idea in mind that revolved around a top BMX rider and included bullet time, hyper slow motion, and ultra high definition. You can never be too ambitious.

In the beginning, Hanja and his team pulled together all the gear they owned between them and started testing. After a year of shooting, the team decided their combined 17 cameras just wasn’t enough. Hanja boosted his camera count to 50 DSLRs, but he was still unhappy with the results,” was not even close to what I had in my mind when it comes to BMX filming.” Twenty-five additional DSLR’s later (we’re up to 75 now in case you lost count) and Hanja finally had the camera array he needed to see his vision come to life. [Read more…]

Photographer Sues EliteDaily Over Unauthorised Use Of Photos

menzel1EliteDaily, one of the top 1000 most visited websites in the world, is being sued by photographer Peter Menzel. On April 15, 2014, the viral content website ran an article titled, “See The Incredible Differences In The Daily Food Intake Of People Around The World (Photos)”. The article was centered around Peter Menzel and his wife Faith D’Aluisio. The pair of photographers had previously published a book of their work titled: What I Eat: Around the world in 80 Diets. EliteDaily allegedly took over two dozen photos from the project and used them in their article without permission. In at least one instance, going so far as to remove a copyright notice from the one of the images. [Read more…]

The Art Of Reading Captured By New York City Photographer During 20 Year Career As A Photojournalist


Bus driver, Tribeca, Jan. 7, 2013.

As an 18-year old, Lawrence Schwartzwald didn’t own a camera, nor had ever practiced the craft. The teenager, however, was an avid reader and all around admirer of books. That year, 1971, Schwartzwald would pick up a copy of famous street photographer, Andre Kertesz’s book, On Reading.  The notable book had just been released, it’s pages housing an expansive collection of  black and white candid shots of people reading–over 60 photos, which Kertesz had taken during the 50 years leading up to the book’s release. Browsing through the images, it’s easy to understand why they caught the young Schwartzwald’s eye. [Read more…]

Transcendent Photos Of Two Siberian Huskies Playing On A Frozen Lake

Let these sublime photos, taken by Fox Grom, serve as a testament as to why we should all get out and shoot during blue hour more often. Residing in Kirovsk (Murmansk Oblast, Russia), Grom took his Siberian Huskies out to a nearby lake. Though still safely frozen solid, the lake melted down marginally to produce a thin layer of water that blanketed the icy surface–just enough to give the appearance the dogs were walking on water.

Moreover, the soothing azure tones  of the sky blend perfectly into the cold, blue lake and layer of fog that rests atop the surface. Consequently, the photos have an almost ethereal appearance. The dogs seem to be slightly curious about their new playground, but are clearly in their element as they frolic and play together on the frozen horizon. [Read more…]

Students Help To Restore Fire Damaged Photos For Parents Grieving The Loss Of 3 Children & Grandmother

After a house fire swept through an Ohio home on December 26th, Ricky and Traci Harris were faced with the devastating loss of their three young boys and Ricky Harris’ mother. The boys, Kenyon, Broderick, and Braylon were sleeping over at their grandmother’s home so the 60 year old woman, Terry Harris, wouldn’t have to spend the night alone. At 4 am in the morning, the fire broke out, consuming the house. Along with the lives the tragic fire claimed, much of the house and personal belongings were also left destroyed. [Read more…]

Complete Lighting Walk-through & Behind The Scenes Footage Of A Fitness Photoshoot

bts4We’re only rarely treated to such thorough walk-throughs and behind the scenes footage as the one pro photographer, Alexis Cuarezma has posted over on his blog, which details an entire photoshoot he recently wrapped up with IFBB Bikini Pro Athlete Ashley Pfaff.

Over the course of the photoshoot, Cuarezma and his crew would be shooting outside in under the bright Las Vegas sun, in addition to shooting in a dark gym. The photographer had about 6 different looks planned and since the fitness model was flying to Florida that same evening, the team had a limited amount of time to get everything done. Needless to say, there would need to be a fair amount of organization to keep everything moving on schedule. [Read more…]