Humans Of New York Raised Over $1,000,000 To Help Send Kids To College With A Single Photo

hony-scholarshipBy now, we’ve everyone is pretty much familiar with Humans of New York. The wildly popular project has nearly 12,000,000 followers on Facebook alone. And this month, Brandon Stanton, the man behind it all, is using his project’s widespread popularity for a good cause. After taking a portrait of a Vidal Chastanet, and eight grader living in a notoriously rough neighborhood in Brooklyn, Stanton asked the student who his biggest influence in life has been. The boy explained to the photographer how his school’s principal Nadia Lopez, is not only a positive influence to himself, but to all the students of Mott Hall Bridges Academy. [Read more...]

Adobe Has Filed A Lawsuit Against Forever 21 For Repeatedly Pirating Photoshop


In a suit filed on January 28th in the California District Court, Adobe has accused the retail clothing company, Forever 21, with pirating software. Adobe alleges Forever 21 has illegally obtained 63 copies of various Adobe products such as Photoshop and Illustrator. Corel and Autodesk have also joined the lawsuit, citing Forever 21 has pirated copies of their software as well.

The piracy has apparently been an ongoing issue between Adobe and Forever 21. In the suit, Adobe states Forever 21, “continued their infringing activities even after being contacted by Adobe regarding the infringement.” It is not known exactly how the software company was able to track the incident; however, Adobe is in possession of specific registration numbers and dates corresponding to the allegedly pirated software. [Read more...]

Learn How Your DSLR’s Shutter Works In This Video Of A Canon 7D’s Guts Filmed At 10,000 Frames Per Second

Ever wonder what it looks like inside your DSLR when you trigger the shutter? So did the team over at the Slo Mo Guys and, luckily, they have a Phantom to record the action at 10,000 frames per second. In the video below, you can witness what your shutter looks like as it opens and closes at various frame rates. When watching the shutter fire in real time, it’s sometimes difficult to even notice a difference; however in slow motion you can really get good a good look at the mechanism.
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The Saga Continues: DJI Pushes Mandatory Update Preventing Phantoms From Flying Over Washington DC

white-houseA couple days ago we reported on a DJI Phantom being crashed into the lawn of the White House. News later surfaced that the unidentified man responsible for crashing the drone (who, I kid you not, works for the National Geospacial Intelligence Agency ) was intoxicated at the time of the flight. The New York Times reported the man claimed the drone belonged to a friend who was letting him borrow it. He was attempting to fly the drone from the window of his apartment, which is located near the White House. When the drone failed to come home, the man texted his friend noting he was afraid it may have crashed onto White House property. He then decided to just go to bed.

The next day, the man turned himself in. He was questioned by authorities before being released without being charged with a crime.

Obama responded by recognizing there are a lot of good uses for UAVs, but efforts needed to be taken to ensure they are not dangerous or invading people’s privacy. He also noted the necessity to establish a “framework that ensures we get the good and minimize the bad.” [Read more...]

Interview With Franey Miller: How The 19 Year Old Photographer Broke Into The New York City Fashion Scene

0E6A7454copyWhen graduating high school, most teenagers have absolutely no idea what they want to do with their lives. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. In fact, I always kind of found it unfortunate that, right out of high school, people are expected to declare a major and settle into the same job for the rest of their lives. Before you can legally buy a beer in the United States, you are asked to make one of the biggest decisions of your life. Those standards always seemed a little off to me. Then someone like Franey Miller comes along. Someone who thwarts the system, giving hope to all the dreamers out there.

Indeed an exception to the rule, Miller knew exactly what she wanted out of life before she even made it out of the 12th grade. For Miller, there was nothing else that could possibly entertain her more than being a photographer. After picking up a camera for the first time as an eight year old, Miller was hooked. Before she could drive a car, she was booking gigs. Photographing models after school and on weekends, Miller knew her future was in fashion photography.

“…there was a point where I decided I would never ever quit photography. What else would I do?…”

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Handmade Severed Thumb USB Drive Doubles As A Creative Photography Portfolio

As a professional photographer, it can be hard to make yourself stand out from other photographers, even if your work is really good. There’s just so many photographers out there, it’s easy to fall through the cracks. Sending out a portfolio or album of your work to potential clients just doesn’t cut it anymore. That’s exactly why pro photographer, Justin Poulsen, is making sure he “sticks out like a sore thumb”.

Working with Canadian creative agency, Rethink, Poulsen hand crafted a collection of  USB “thumb drives” which cleverly combines his knack for building his own props and his talents as a photographer. Using Body Double casting silicone, Poulsen made a mold of his thumb. He then poured in flesh toned silicone into the mold and embedded a 2GB flash drive into the “thumb”. [Read more...]

Some Genius Tried Flying His DJI Phantom At The White House; Crashes It Into Obama’s Lawn

White House by Diego Cambiaso

White House by Diego Cambiaso

Anyone who even remotely follows photography related news will know how difficult and trying it has been to get the FAA to establish new guidelines on the flying of drones. The current rules allow individuals to fly the unmanned aircraft for recreational purposes; however, there are very strict regulations in place for those wishing to use the aircraft for commercial purposes. To some, this seems slightly backwards, mostly in part because the public often has the tendency to do stupid things. Things that a trained, professional drone operator most likely wouldn’t do. Like attempt flying a Phantom over the front lawn of the White House. [Read more...]

DIY GoPro Stablizer That’s Light Enough To Use All Day Long


Carrying around heavy equipment all day can really take the fun out of being a photographer. Sure, there’s good quality, lightweight gear on the market, but such pieces typically make one’s wallet a whole lot lighter, too. That’s why the chief product designer behind ProductTank took it upon himself to whip up this awesome, lightweight, and inexpensive stabilizer that’s perfectly suited to keep you and your GoPro shooting all day long. [Read more...]

I Am Beautiful: Photographers From Around The World Offer Free Photoshoots To Bullied Youth


Though Tiffany Moon is a relative newcomer to the world of photography, the now professional photographer from South Carolina is making headlines around the world after spearheading a project aimed to help children that are victims of bullies. Her project, “I Am Beautiful“, stems from the trials of her own childhood, when Moon says she was an easy target for bullies. Now an adult and mother of four, Moon told a local news station her own experiences as a bullied youth inspired her to reach out to children in her own community.

Once a month, Moon will give away a portrait session to a bullied youth and provide them with a CD of 10 edited images. The project was born after meeting Abby Voorhees, a 12 year old who has been dealing with bullies since 1st grade. The two visited a nearby park, defying the cold temperatures, to capture some portraits of the brave young girl. At first, Abby was nervous, lacking confidence that had, no doubt, been bullied out of her. Once Moon showed her the first photograph, the girl’s whole demeanor changed. “She became this little model,” Moon noted. “I wanted her to see that it wasn’t the makeup that made her beautiful. It wasn’t my pictures that made her pretty. It’s HER.[Read more...]

“Shoot Loose And Edit Tight” Words Of Wisdom From One Of The World’s Leading Surf Photographers

Growing up in Hawaii, it’s hard not to have an appreciation and love for the ocean. It literally surrounds us and is an integral aspect of life on an island. For Zac Noyle, acclaimed surf photographer and Hawaiian native, being in the water was ingrained in him at a very young age. Growing up the son of a professional photographer, taking photos, however, wasn’t something that initially caught Noyle’s eye. It wasn’t until he took a camera out into the surf on a whim, that he was inspired to take great photos.

Since that moment, Noyle’s fearlessness and natural talent has led him on countless adventures and eventually earned him the title of Senior Staff Photographer for Surfer Magazine. An accomplishment that didn’t come easy and remains a labor of love everyday as he risks his life swimming in some of the world’s biggest waves to get the shot. His skills as a waterman also afforded him the privilege of being the only photographer allowed to swim into the line up of the prestigious Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational. [Read more...]