Melting Ice Cream Never Looked As Good It Does In These Nostalgia Inducing Long Exposures


Micheal Massaia’s collection of photos, Transmogrify, has been receiving mixed reactions. For some, the images are nauseating, some find them hypnotizing, while, for others, they’re simply mouthwatering. In fact, they may be some odd combination of all those things. Massaia himself describes them as “mesmerizing, disturbing, and humorous.” But, looking past the surface of things, as artists tend to do, you’ll see the images are based on something much more introspective. At the metaphorical heart of the colorful, swirling pools of liquescent dairy products sits a heaping dose of nostalgia just waiting to be recognized. [Read more…]

Finding Photo Worthy Scenes In Big Cities & A Few Quick Tips On How To Capture Them

In the clip below, National Geographic Traveler photographer, Dan Westergren, wanders the city streets looking for great photographs–sharing his process with us along the way.

Though this particular clip is set in the weird city (their words, not mine) of Austin, Texas, all of the tips Westergren shares in the video can easily be substituted in just about any major metropolis. No, you may not be able to capture Texas’s capital building or visit a really fun looking beard contest, but the pointers are just as valid. [Read more…]

More Than 50 Rare Photographs Of Marilyn Monroe Unveiled; To Be Publicly Displayed In July

A collection of over 50 photographs of iconic model and actress, Marilyn Monroe, were previewed during a press conference in Wroclaw, Poland. The images were taken by photographer, Milton Greene (1922-1985). Greene, a notable fashion photographer, was a close friend to Monroe throughout her career. At one point, she moved in with the photographer and his family, giving him and his camera backstage access to the actresses personal life.

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Engineers Invented A Batteryless Digital Camera That Can Power Itself Forever Using Excess Light

self powered camera

A fully functioning prototype that produces it’s own electricity.


Let’s face it, batteries in general are a real drag. They’re easy to forget, add weight to an already heavy gear bag, and they have the habit of running out of juice just when we need them the most. Luckily, a team of engineers from Columbia University have discovered a way to eliminate the need for them to power a digital camera. In a report released by the team, which is led by Shree K. Nayar, the engineers have found a way to harvest energy via an image sensor and excess light. [Read more…]

Adaptalux Hopes To Revolutionize The Way We Light Macro Photography


The old adage “Don’t fix it if it isn’t broken” holds a lot of wisdom, but every once in a while a new product shows up to replace an old one that we didn’t fully realize needed to be fixed. In many ways, Adaptalux appears to be that kind of item. Using a combination of interchangeable, flexible lighting arms, Adaptalux hopes to revolutionize the way macro photographers and videographers light their photos.

Sam Granger, owner and CEO, says Adaptalux will eliminate three major problems currently found in the typical macro lighting setup. He says his nifty invention will battle the inherent restrictions of most light sources, reduce the amount of time needed to setup and start shooting, and save photographers money all at the same time. That’s enough to get my attention. Let’s take a look at their Kickstarter video to see how they plan to do it. [Read more…]

500px Improved Their Image Uploader To Allow Bulk Upload & Other Time Saving Options

Popular image sharing and photo marketplace, 500px announced this morning they have made some updates to the way users are able to upload their photos to the website, which will (hopefully) allow photographers to speed up their online workflow a bit. The latest update now allows users to upload their images in bulk rather than having to painstakingly upload each individually, as Clay Cook explains in the demo video.

You can upload new images from your hard drive or import them from other websites such as Facebook, Flickr, Picassa, etc…While waiting for your image collections to upload in the background, you are free to spend that time tagging, titling, licensing options, and organizing the fresh uploads so they are ready for publication on 500px as soon as they are finished uploading.

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Build Your Own Lighting Setup With This Awesome DIY 1000w Equivalent LED Flashlight

sunbalster-diyOkay, this project may be a bit challenging for novices, but if DIY is your thing, this video tutorial certainly delivers the goods. In it, DIY Perks  (who has an LED fever – he also made these kick a$$ LED panel and ring light) shows us the step by step process of building a seriously legit 1000w equivalent LED light source. The flashlight really packs a punch– it can be operated with one hand, has adjustable brightness (and a lot of it), plus, it works on batteries or an AC adapter. Did we mention it doesn’t flicker (thank you voltage based dimmer) and it boasts spotlight and floodlight mode?

It works great for shooting video or stills, indoors or outdoors. Overall, it’s a great addition to your lighting setup and sounds like a pretty fun build. Now, let’s get to it: [Read more…]

Bing Takes Small Step To Protect Photographers From Copyright Infringement; Improve Image Search

gettyIt appears internet search engine Bing and Getty Images have come a long way since Getty filed a lawsuit against Bing last year, accusing Bing of a “massive infringement”. Now, seven months later, the two have announced a partnership which both companies hope will provide Bing users with “image rich” content and internet browsing. In a press release relating to the partnership, Getty Images Senior VP of Business Development Craig Peters explained:

“With our new partnership, Microsoft will use Getty Images’ latest API innovations and our award-winning visual content to take search experiences to a new level. Our technology teams will work together to create beautiful, engaging applications and services for Microsoft users with licensed content and attribution for photographers and other content creators.”

Stemming from the partnership, Bing has also announced several improvements in the search engine’s image search capabilities. These improvements are aimed at raising awareness to copyright and Creative Common laws, with the hopes they will reduce infringement cases. [Read more…]

Sony Gave An Octopus At A New Zealand Aquarium A Camera; Trains It To Photograph Tourists

Rambo firing the red shutter release with a tentacle.

Rambo firing the red shutter release with a tentacle.

Octopuses are pretty wondrous animals with all those legs and insanely astute critical thinking skills. It’s actually not surprising at all an animal trainer working at Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium in New Zealand, was able to train an octopus to take photos. In fact, it only took “Rambo” the octopus three attempts to understand how the process works.

Now, Rambo charges a cool $2 for a visitor to her tank to sit for a portrait taken by the octographer. The small donation goes directly to the aquarium to help offset expenses. But, if you’re looking to have Rambo take your photo, be sure to check her hours first, as the aquarium says she’s on a light work schedule. [Read more…]

Quick DIY Tips To Boost Your Props And Set Building Game While Working On A Budget

Okay, we know you’ve been hungry for some DIY projects, and while this clip is geared towards the video crowd, there’s still a lot of useful ideas that can be incorporated into a still photography project, too. The guys over at Film Riot came up with these DIY props and set decorations for their short film, U.F.Oh Yeah. Staying true to form, they delivered with a great clip to show you how to replicate some of their prop hacks.

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