Thomas Shahan Shares His Methods In Macro Photography

Methods In Macro Photography
A few days ago we shared some macro shots of spiders being reflected in drops of dew which were simply stunning. They definitely inspired me to pull out my extension tubes and reverse ring and get back into macro. If they inspired you to dabble, too, macro photography master, Thomas Shahan, just posted a new tutorial on the subject. There’s a lot of good advice for beginners in there, but more experienced photographers can find a few gems in the clip as well.

The video is an mostly an eight minute long slideshow of Shanan’s brilliant macro photos with some behind the scenes shots in there for good measure. Shanan narrates the clip by explaining his setup, process, and dishes out a ton of great pointers for levels of photographers. Be sure to look for the variety of DIY light modifiers he uses in some of the images. He briefly talks about how he made one of them with a paper towel and some sheets of plastic. He’s able to get some great shots using just that and the pop up flash on his Pentax DSLR
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Is It Ever Okay To Add A Lens Flare In Photoshop? Yes, And Here’s How To Do It

Photoshop makes adding lens flares to a photograph an incredibly simply task which is, both, good and bad. Though they can add a creative touch to a photo, lens flares can also be a great way to turn a good photo bad (really quickly). We’ve all seen those awkwardly placed lens flares that result in more confusion than awe. Luckily, we have Aaron Nace, who nicely explains when they should and shouldn’t used in this 15 minute tutorial. After he offers us his guidance on when to use a light flare, he’s kind enough to do a walk through of the process of actually doing so. [Read more...]

11 Tips To Shooting Great Wildlife Photos Without Getting Killed


With the help of his father’s wise words, Jay P. Morgan has just put out a fun video chock full of tips to help you get started in wildlife photography. Morgan’s father was a photographer for National Geographic and the Audubon Society for many years. He did us all a favor by imparting his experiences and wisdom onto his son, who is paying it forward and sharing the tips with us. Even if you’re already familiar with some of the concepts he mentions, there’s certainly some gems to be found. Number 8 is a personal favorite. (I, too, can vouch for it’s usefulness.) [Read more...]

Thinking Outside The Box: Creative Use For A Speedlight And Pack Of Gel Filters


Gels are common tools to use when you want to change the temperature of your light or add color to white backgrounds. but they can also be used to simulate the look of different kinds of lights. In this case, Joe McNally uses a blue gel over a speedlight to mimic the look of a glowing movie projector. It’s a pretty creative application of the gels and goes to show that with a little imagination and a pack of Rosco gels, the sky is the limit.  [Read more...]

Beautiful Macro Photos Of Spiders And Flowers Being Reflected In Tiny Drops Of Dew

alberto panizza 5

After browsing through the expansive (and insanely brilliant) portfolio of Italian photographer, Alberto Ghizzi Panizza, you might start to wonder how he always seems to be in the right place at the right time. His macro images are consistent perfectly timed feats of logic. But, as Panizza would explain, it’s not just good timing. After 10 years of practicing the craft, he almost intrinsically knows where to be when he wants to photograph insects, flowers, and peacock feathers as they are reflected into a tiny orb of morning dew that also just happens to be getting carried around by a spider. Needless to say, the photos are sublime. [Read more...]

[Rumor] Sony To Release Game Changing Sensor Technology With An New APC Sensor

Sony Alpha Rumors shared a juicy tidbit this morning when they announced Sony may be developing a new sensor Sony has dubbed the Active Pixel Color Sampling Sensor (APCS). Sony Alpha Rumors gave the rumor a SR4 rating, meaning the rumor came from trusted sources and will most likely be confirmed. It is expected Sony will make an announcement regarding the APCS in 2015, and as promising as the leaked spec sheets makes the sensor tech look, it might be worth the wait.

The spec sheet, below, which Sony Alpha Rumors found on CNBeta, doesn’t reveal any fine details, but it does offer some insightful statistics:

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The Life Of A National Geographic Adventure Photographer: Jimmy Chin

JIMMY CHINIf you’ve always suspected that National Geographic photographers have awesome lives, this interview with Jimmy Chin might help prove your case. A team from Mashable traveled to Jackson, Wyoming to visit the NatGeo photographer in his home, offering us a glimpse into the adventurers’ paradise that is Chin’s storage and supplies room. (Holy cow does he have a lot of cool stuff.) It’s also kind of fun to see what Chin does in his downtime when he’s not skiing Everest or climbing Shark’s Fin on Mount Meru. Granted, he doesn’t get very much downtime with adventures of those proportions to partake in. Even when he is able to take a “break” from work, it seems as though Chin is always up to something epic. Seriously, the man is beast.

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Understanding ISO And Why It Causes Digital Noise

Introducing (2)
The kind folks over at Panvista Productions put together a great informational video aimed at helping us better understand ISO. Most of us already know that we can adjust exposure through ISO, but for many that’s about the extent of what we know about the subject. Panvista’s  9 1/2 minute long clip, however, goes far beyond the basics of ISO we learn in the beginning of our careers. The video gets right down to the nitty gritty as it shows us exactly what’s going on inside our DSLR or micro four thirds camera every time we adjust the ISO setting. This of course leads us into the topic of digital noise (ugh) and why it occurs (interesting). Overall, it’s a well rounded video that’s delivered in a way which is easy to understand and engaging. [Read more...]

Much Anticipated Instagram Update Offers Users Ability To Edit Captions After Posting


New edit feature and People tab added to Instagram

One of the top most requested updates asked from Instagram users is the ability to go back and edit captions after their photo had been posted. This simple fix would allow them to correct typos, add additional information, or change the caption altogether. Seems like an obvious enough option to include in an app, especially one with a user base as wide as Instagram’s. Thankfully, in an update that is being rolled out today, the pipe dream of being able to edit captions is finally becoming a reality.

The update also introduces a new People tab on the Explore page which has been designed to make it easier to find new accounts to follow. In an email from an Instagram represenative, it was shared that 40% of Instagram users visit the Explore page on a daily basis, making it an excellent resource to discover and be discovered.  [Read more...]

This 40 Second Timelapse Of A Sunset Behind Mt. Torghatten Took 3 Years To Make


norway sunsetPatience doesn’t always come naturally to some of us, but as photographers it’s definitely a characteristic we should all possess. Take timelapse artist, Harald Warholm, for example. Had he not been determined and patient as a the year is long, we might never have been treated to the timelapse he just completed–3 long years after he started. Though The Sun In The Hole of Mt. Torghatten is only 45 seconds long (that’s short compared to most timelapse videos we share here) watching it, you begin to understand just why it took so long to complete. [Read more...]