Experimental Nude Photos Explore The Subconscious Movements Of Models (NSFW)


A side project from his typical work as a high end editorial photographer, French artist Julien Vallon has created a series of nude art photographs that deviate from the more traditional posed portraits that dominate the genre. In Vallon’s Pre-Conscience/Conscience (or, for the sake of brevity, PCS/CS), the photographer has formed a way to capture “the free movement beyond logic, will, thought and conformity, to release the beauty.”

Inspired by the psychology of Carl Jung and his studies of the human psyche and collective unconscious, Vallon explains his own effort as a “a long reflection on subconscious movement”. [Read more…]

Humor: This Video Helps Explain Why Office Stock Photography Always Looks So Cheesy

Almost everyone who has had the misfortune of sifting through stock photos of office life has the same exact same question mind: “Why is there a doctor in the office flipping through charts?” Well, ponder no longer my friends. The creatives behind YouTube channel Nacho Punch have released a video that explains this ages old conundrum, along with explaining several other notable cliches like why are there always women eating salads with cherry tomatoes on their forks and what about that stressed out guy who’s always frantically shouting into two phones at once?

And don’t you worry, they didn’t forget about the notorious group of workers standing in a V-formation with ridiculously puffed up chests and far away stares. All this and more in the quick 2 1/2 minute long clip, take a look… [Read more…]

Photographer’s Heartwarming Tribute To His Dying Dog Will Move You To Tears

For many dog owners, the beloved companions are more than just a pet–they are a best friend, an equal part of the family. Ben Moon, a travelling surfer and photographer, documents that very connection in this incredibly touching video memoir to Denali–Moon’s dog who recently passed away after gifting the photographer a life of loving memories.

The beautifully crafted tribute to Denali features breathtaking cinematography, inspiring photography, and a narrative so moving you’ll probably notice your eyes swelling with tears before the video’s midpoint. At the very least, you’ll find yourself with an uncontrollable urge to play and snuggle up next to your own pup. [Read more…]

The Last Meals Of Death Row Inmates In Photographs

last meals 8
Maybe it’s easy to distance ourselves from violent criminals. We see death row inmates on the tv, the newspaper, but, for the most part, we only know about them what the media is reporting. We don’t know for example, what books they’ve read or which movie is their favorite. Maybe we don’t need to know those things. Maybe it’s that no one cares. Or, maybe it’s just that no one had thought to ask.

That’s part of what makes Henry Hargreaves project so unique and curious. Hargreaves, a New Zealand photographer now living in the States, has been working on a series of photographs which depict the last meal requests of inmates whose time on death row has drawn to a close. Hargreaves says his interest was piqued after reading about measures being taken in Texas to obliterate the traditional last meal. [Read more…]

These Macro Photos Display The Astonishingly Vivid World Of Caterpillars

the caterpillar lab 3If you’ve never taken the time to slow down and take a good, close look in your own backyard, you could be missing out on a whole new world of beautiful and vibrant creatures. Take for example, Samuel Jaffe–a New England based photographer who specializes in shooting caterpillars. The photos, which are part of Jaffe’s The Caterpillar Lab, help to educate individuals on caterpillars native to their region, while also serving as some pretty incredible pieces of art. [Read more…]

Want To Amp Up Your Lighting Game? Learn How To Feather Your Soft Boxes, It’s Simple


All photographers want to be smarter when it comes to lighting. Some have a natural eye for what’s right, while others may have to work a little harder it, but no one gets better at it without practice. What better way to practice than one lighting lesson at a time? This quick and easy video tutorial b Jay P Morgan, teaches photographers all about feathering soft boxes: what it is and why you should know how to do it, plus great walk through of the process itself.
The idea behind feathering is fairly basic–you’re basically giving yourself a little more directional control of an otherwise big, soft light source. By turning the softbox upwards, for example, you could narrow the amount of light that falls into the composition. The technique works equally well in a studio environment or outdoors, so it’s an especially useful little trick to have in your tool bag.

[Read more…]

The Photography Group Obsessed With Shooting The Moon


To a group of southern California photographers, the holy grail of photography is getting a shot of an airplane perfectly placed in the center of the full moon as the plane travels by. The group is made up a diverse group of photographers–both amatuer and professional. Nick Ut, the legendary photographer behind “Napalm Girl”, is one of the original founding members of the group, which formed 2 years ago. Since then, the group has grown some and continues to have meetups every full moon. [Read more…]

Behind The Scenes: Underwater Fashion Shoot With Sharks

Sure, sharks are big and intimidating animals with even more intimidating teeth, but they really do get a bad rap. Their sheer size and streamlined figure make them more than photogenic. That’s partially why Australian photographer Jeremy Ferris was so motivated to do an underwater fashion shoot where the model shares the frame with a frenzy of sharks. Perhaps the most daunting part of the project was connecting with the right model and dive master who were not only comfortable working on the shoot, but also experienced enough to be a safety asset. [Read more…]

Clever Remake Of Classic 80’s Trading Card Garbage Pail Kids: Where Are They Now?

Photographer W. Brandon Voges (Bruton Stroube Studios) Concept Jake Houvenangle Retouching Jordan Guance (Bruton Stroube Studios) Producers Tony Biaggne, Matt Siemer and Sherry Tennil (Bruton Stroube Studios) Assistants Steve Eschner (Bruton Stroube Studios) Mandi Kohlmeier (Bruton Stroube Studios) Stacy Collier Hair/Makeup Julie Dietrich (Talent Plus) Priscilla Case (Talent Plus) Props/Wardrobe Cathy Rauch (Bruton Stroube Studios) Food/Barf Styling Cathy Chipley (Bruton Stroube Studios) Set Builder/Rigging Bill Stults (Bruton Stroube Studios)
Who doesn’t love a nostalgic walk down memory lane every once in a while? Especially when it involves such notorious childhood relics as the Garbage Pail Kids trading cards. A product of the 80’s the trading cards were originally a cheeky response to the Cabbage Patch Kids that were wildly famous at the same time. The cards featured a gross, odd, or otherwise creepy character that came outfitted with a perfectly punny name. Bony Tony, Adam Bomb, JunkFood John, Spacey Stacey–these cards were so cool.

Anyone who remembers these gems, and certainly anyone who collected the originals, will be delighted to see what a very clever group of creators from St. Louis, Missouri have made. Their new set of cards feature some of those slimy characters from the original series and revists them 30 years later, just to see what they’ve been up to since 1985. [Read more…]

Enrapturing Portraits Explore The Athelticism, Strength, And Form Of Dancers


Dancers are known for their gracefulness and poise, for the great stamina and strength. A study of the human form wouldn’t be complete without visiting the a dance studio. There’s a level of dedication and perseverance in great dancers that sparks an inner connection between the physical and the mental–a culmination of beings that only great photographers can capture.  [Read more…]