It’s A Bird…It’s A Plane…No, It’s Superman Riding A Drone Over London!

supermanThis is one I’ll definitely be filing under the “Why didn’t I think of that?!” category…A U.K. based photographer and professional image retoucher by the name of Barry Craig, had the ingenious idea to attach a plastic Superman toy to his Phantom 3 drone and take it for a fly-about over London’s Victoria Park.

Oh, gosh, it’s hard not to love.

Check out the footage below–or on Barry Craig’s Instagram–while I make a quick run to Toys ‘R Us to pick me up some new action heroes.

(In related news, I wonder if having a super hero attached to your drone will make it less likely to be blasted out of the sky by shotgun wielding vigilantes…) [Read more…]

Fail: Cameraman Crashes Segway; Knocks The World’s Fastest Man To The Ground

He may be the world’s fastest man, but he’s no match for a segway riding photographer. After winning the 200 meter dash at the World Athletics Championships, Jamaican athlete Usain Bolt was taking a celebratory barefooted stroll down the sidelines as he waved to the throng of cheering fans in the arena stands–it was a pretty standard series of events for the champion sprinter.

That is until this cameraman loses control of his segway and topples into an unsuspecting Bolt. It appears the cameraman was too distracted grabbing video footage to notice he was about to run into some railing. The photographer was bucked off the segway as it rolled into the back of Bolt’s legs, sending both men to ground. [Read more…]

How A 365 Day Project Helped Launch A Young Photographer’s Professional Career

857988_408400192587738_2059669835_oThree hundred sixty five day photography projects are tough. There’s got to be a high level of dedication and desire to improve. Time has to be made everyday to conceive an idea, take the actual photograph, edit, and post it in your journal. Birthdays, holidays, sick days–it doesn’t matter, there’s still a photograph to be made, no matter what. But, all of those things that make 365 projects seem so daunting, are a large part of what makes them so beneficial to one’s progress. And, when you’re as dedicated and talented as AlexStoddard, they can legitimately bring your photography game to the next level. [Read more…]

Everything Photographers Need To Know About Color Space & How It Can Impact Your Prints


color-spectrumRoy G Biv–quick show of hands if you’re familiar with the term. Even if it doesn’t ring a bell at first glance, once you realize you’re looking at a mnemonic and not some random guy’s name, it starts getting a little more obvious: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. Yes, those are the colors of the rainbow, but more importantly they’re also the referred to as the visible electromagnetic spectrum.  [Read more…]

Google Wants To Begin Integrating Your Food Photography Into Google Maps

15823736135_acd48cbd27_kLast week we reported on new laws in Germany which could make photographing your meal from certain dining establishments a breech of the chef’s copyright. It was a story that led to an interesting conversation about just what should and shouldn’t be copyrighted. Most of you agreed that food should be eaten, not protected by copyright law–and, it looks like Google might agree. [Read more…]

Go On A Journey Around Los Angeles In This Twisting New Timelapse

timelapse-laI usually stray away from cities and all the hustle and bustle. Even when I’m just looking at photos and video, I find myself looking at landscapes of the great wide open much more often than I look at photos taken in urban and metropolitan areas. But, there’s something about this trippy timelapse from photographer and filmmaker, Vadim Tereshchenko, that makes me want to make a pit stop in Los Angeles next time I find myself on the west coast–even if it’s just long enough to ride that ferris wheel and catch a sunset. [Read more…]

The Cold Hard Truth When It Comes To Dealing With Problem Clients

A major part of being a working photographer is spent managing your business and tending to your client’s questions, concerns, feedback, etc…For the most part, this aspect of professional photography isn’t the worst thing in the world, but there always seems to come a point when you find yourself working with a problem client that is too demanding, too irrational, or too cheap to even make doing the job worth it. [Read more…]

Tips To Make Your Next On Location Shoot Go Smoother And Yield You Better Photos


I know, I know, the title of the video says it’s about industrial portraits. It is about that, indeed; however, a lot of the tips and advice J. P. Morgan shares in the seven minute long clip can be applied to a lot of different kinds of photoshoots–especially those where you’re shooting on location.

Outside of discussing his lighting setup and other solid advice to make sure you’re capturing interesting, well-lit portraits, Morgan spends a good amount of time talking about the actual process of the photoshoot, too. For example, he stresses how important it is to be mindful of your client’s time, then Morgan shares with you a few tips on how to go about doing just that. [Read more…]

Japanese Photographer Spends 5 Years Creating Incredible Mini-Dioramas Every Day

I love miniature photography, especially when it’s as creative as Tatsuya Tanaka’s. The way the photographer can look at single piece of pasta and think “water slide!” or a dish sponge and think “rock climbing!”, it’s such an outside-the-box way of looking at the small, everyday objects most of us don’t pay much more attention to than is required. [Read more…]