365 Reasons To Do A 365 Photo Project

I still remember the 1st time I clicked the shutter button of a DSLR. It was 5 years ago, Aug.24 2008. I was using a Nikon D80 back then and didn’t know how to use all of the buttons, how to focus, what exposure and all the number means and all that. When I started photography 5 years ago, I didn’t expect that I would be doing this for a living.


I wanted to learn more about Photography so I read books, looked at pictures, and then I stumbled into Flickr. I learned about the 365 Day Project in flickr. Some of my flickr friends where doing it and I wanted to try it for the challenge.

Doing The 365 Day Project was one of the most memorable moments in my life, and made me the photographer that I am today.

Here are some points why you should do a 365 Day Project.

The 365 Day Project is a self project. You do what you want to do. (But there are groups in flickr, and the web which have assignments per week or per day, so it will help you think of a concept for the day.)


Everyone has their own style for there 365 Day project, some people take Selfportraits, some use there cellphone while going to work, some practice there lighting techniques, some really exert effort in doing a photoshoot everyday.(There are no rules)



You get to practice photography everyday (I was shooting 20min-2hours everyday just to get the perfect shot for the day)


It pushes your creativity to the limit! You have to think of a new technique, new lighting, new concept each day


You get to know new people (The 365 Community in Flickr – They Are AWESOME!)


I learned Photography and Lighting by doing the 365 Day Project (I wouldn’t become the photographer I am today if it wasn’t for this project)


Some of the best pictures I’ve taken are from my 365 Day Project


The project is where I learned how to light (Or how to Strobist)



You can tell your stories (Some people blog while doing there project)


It’s Super Fun!


You get to share your photos (I was also sharing my setup shots for the day. Sharing is Caring :p)



I was in a bad place when I started the project, it was one of the down times in my life, and the project helped me A LOT. It was my outlet. I got to express myself thru my pictures and a little bit of writing. (While doing my project, I had a lot of ups and downs, but it’s nice to look back at those moments and see what you have accomplished after a year)



I think the best accomplishment is when you finish the project and you can get to look back the past 365 days, and see how you’ve grown as a photographer and also as a person. I really believe that this is one of the best way to learn and to practice your photography skills. Whether you’re a Pro or just a hobbyist, doing this project will help you in photography. The year is almost ending, and 2014 is just a few weeks away, so Jan.1 will be a great start to your 365 Days! (I might even join you in your journey).


If you have a 365 Day project, feel free to comment below and share your works.

  • David O’Sullivan

    “I was in a bad place when I started the project, it was one of the down times in my life, and the project helped me A LOT.”

    I did a 365 project (www.2012inphotos.com.au) while suffering through chronic illness. It really helps having something like that to get you out of the house as well as give you some kind of purpose.
    It also helps when you are thinking back to a particular day you think about what photos you took, not how crap you were feeling.

    I would recommend them to anyone. who knows I might do another myself.

    • jimphoto

      Thanks for sharing David. Some really great images there. Photography can indeed be a very helpful distraction when you are going through something like that! I hope things are going well for you!

    • LSG

      thank you so much for your comment and sharing your story :)

  • http://www.thejustinhunt.com/ Justin

    I started my 365 in August of 2008, and here I am, approaching day 2000.

    A couple weeks into my project, a friend turned me on to the website ShutterCal.com. It’s a website completely designed for taking a photo-a-day. You’re presented with a calendar, and you upload an individual picture to each day.

    Like you say how great it is looking back at your project when you finish, this really gives you a great feeling like that. Especially just when you finish your first month, it looks really great. And they also offer monthly print subscriptions where they send you your prints to keep in a neatly designed box they sell.

    It’s a great website, with a really fantastic community! I never thought I would be able to finish my first year, but the community there is what keeps me going strong!


  • Joshua Post

    I used http://365project.org/ when I did my project in 2011

  • jimphoto

    hahaha. you have shot some really interesting and creative photos this year Laya! amazed you were able to spend that much time every day on your project! I’m lucky to get a few minutes some days to get out and shoot!
    Love the shot of the Rolleiflex! I had one of those years ago.
    I’ve been using the LearnPhoto365 app (www.learnphoto.ca/apps) to give me ideas and keep me on track for mine…but not ready to make the results public just yet. :)
    Thank you for sharing your awesome photos, and your thoughts on a 365 project!

  • NotThere


  • Morgan Glassco

    I am starting a 366 project on 12/13/13 (Friday the 13th) that will go until 12/13/14 (the last sequence until 1/2/3003) The theme will be “selfie” or really I will need to be in every picture some way, a shadow, reflection, shoe, etc

    Getting excited and put some thought into this over the last several weeks.

  • Elad Shani

    Laya, a few years ago it was you that got me into lighting and strobes after following you on filckr. and what do you know… i’m actually making some money and being published nowadays. thanks bro

    • LSG

      Wow! Thanks for the message! :) And I’m glad I helped! Thanks again

  • Seboblavie
  • Diego

    Thanks for sharing. I just started my 365 project this year with cellphone only. It has been interesting. I hope to keep it up. Check it out http://rdpc.tumblr.com/