Kelvin Epos 300 – The best 300 watt light on the market

Nov 18, 2023
Sagiv Gilburd

When Kelvin brought the Kelvin Epos 300 ($2,499) to the market, they reignited a (not so old) debate: are RGBACL lights better than RBGWW lights?…

Aputure acquires Prolycht (and its RGBLAC technology)

Aug 24, 2023
John Aldred

Lighting manufacturer Aputure has acquired fellow lighting manufacturer Prolycht. Aputure describes the acquisition as a “strategic union” that will “fortify Aputure’s legacy” in film and…

Take a closer look at Prolycht’s hot-off-the-press new powerful LED spotlight

Sep 10, 2022
Alex Baker

“Maximum power, maximum colour”. That’s what Prolycht is saying about its new flagship light. Launched just today, DIYP caught up Mitch Gross from Prolycht to…

Dedolight launches the NEO Color RGBLAC spot LED light in collaboration with Prolycht

Jun 7, 2022
John Aldred

Popular LED lighting manufacturer, Dedo Weigart Film has launched a new RGBLAC LED light in collaboration with Prolycht. It’s the dedolight NEO Color full spectrum…

The Prolycht Orion 675 FS is the most powerful full-spectrum colour LED spotlight in the world

Apr 23, 2022
John Aldred

Prolycht has announced its new Orion 675 FS full-spectrum colour LED spotlight, which it claims is the most powerful colour-tunable spotlight in the world. It…