Finding locations with great light with the King of the urban jungle!

Nov 6, 2016
Joseph Parry

Today I’m here with Kyle Cong running through his approach on shooting out on location with strobes and how he finds them!

How to define the chin on sky-faced subjects.

Aug 20, 2016
Joseph Parry

Really quick and dirty article for you this week on a handy little tip I found myself having to find for a solution to a…

How to pose subjects using non-verbal cues

Mar 25, 2016
Gannon Burgett

One of the biggest challenges for me when I first started taking photos was posing subjects. Coming from a more photojournalistic background, the idea of…

Watch A Model Strike 25 Poses In 30 Seconds

Oct 4, 2015
Udi Tirosh

When Madonna  sang Strike A Pose, she probably did not image a model that can strike 25 poses over 30 seconds. Vogue would have been…

Three Tips That Will Help You Avoid Awkward Poses

Mar 18, 2015
Liron Samuels

For some unexplainable reason some people become uncomfortable gawky creatures as soon as you point a camera in their direction. All of a sudden they…

10 Posing Tips For Brides-To-Be

Oct 20, 2014
Jen Brook

Having worked on many bridal shoots as a model and involved in several real weddings before, I’ve picked up some things that I hope might…

1000 Beautifully Photographed Poses From Supermodel Coco Rocha

Oct 20, 2014
Tiffany Mueller

As much as we’d like for our clients to just naturally know how to pose for a photograph, we have to be realistic; it’s never…

Posing, Light And Selective Composition – Getting The Best Out Of A “Nowhere” Location

Jul 10, 2014
Neil van Niekerk

Today we are hosting a tip from Neil van Niekerk who also runs the excellent tangents blog. Framing very selectively in-camera, you can very often…