Johnsons Photopia – UK distributor for Sekonic, Blackrapid, PocketWizard, Peli and more enters administration

Oct 2, 2018
John Aldred

Johnsons Photopia have announced through their website and Twitter that they have now gone into administration. There isn’t a lot of information yet about how…

2015 DIYP Gift Guide – Lighting

Dec 10, 2015
Gannon Burgett

So far, we’ve shared our Gift Guides for cameras and lenses. Now, we’re on to the next tool any photographer needs in his/her arsenal –…

The Strobist Corner: Attention Pocketwizard Flex TT5 Users

Jan 3, 2010
Udi Tirosh

The fact that Pocketwizard have a new TTL enabled unit is old news. The Flex TT5 and Flex TT1 have been shipping for almost a…

Don’t Give Up On Your GI Trigger – Three Ways To Revive It When It Looks Dead

Nov 2, 2009
Udi Tirosh

So you hacked yourself a gadget infinity flash radio slave and you are happy. You are shooting off camera flash and things work splendid. Actually,…

Take Long Distance Self Portraits With PocketWizards

Oct 6, 2009
Udi Tirosh

This self portrait on the left by Reuben Krabbe was taken (believe it or not) by Reuben Krabbe. Now, I know that you know that…

Calling All Agents: Kilometers Long Remote Camera Shutter Trigger

Jul 18, 2009
Udi Tirosh

While this is not the first shutter release cable project that was featured here (we had a vanilla shutter release cable and a mouse one…

Exploring Small Strobes: Going Wireless

Nov 26, 2008
Udi Tirosh

Welcome to this multi-part series of articles on Exploring Small Strobes by Yanik Chauvin from Yanik’s Photo School. In part 1 on Exploring Small strobes,…

Pocket Wizard Mounting Device II

Jan 16, 2008
Udi Tirosh

One of the things I like most on DIYP is the strong warm community that has build around it. It is more and more often…