New Nikon mirrorless camera is coming, company president confirms

Jul 8, 2017

Dunja Djudjic

Dunja Djudjic is a multi-talented artist based in Novi Sad, Serbia. With 15 years of experience as a photographer, she specializes in capturing the beauty of nature, travel, and fine art. In addition to her photography, Dunja also expresses her creativity through writing, embroidery, and jewelry making.

New Nikon mirrorless camera is coming, company president confirms

Jul 8, 2017

Dunja Djudjic

Dunja Djudjic is a multi-talented artist based in Novi Sad, Serbia. With 15 years of experience as a photographer, she specializes in capturing the beauty of nature, travel, and fine art. In addition to her photography, Dunja also expresses her creativity through writing, embroidery, and jewelry making.

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As we reported before, Nikon has mentioned their plans to switch focus to medium and high-end DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. In a recent interview for Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, company’s President Kazuo Ushida has confirmed –we can expect a new mirrorless camera from Nikon.

Even though the company didn’t start off all well this year, they’ve undergone major business restructuring. Their 100th Anniversary line of products is now available, and in the future, we can expect a new mirrorless camera from the company. Here is the excerpt from the interview with the company’s president. It was Google translated from Japanese, so but you’ll get the gist nevertheless:

“Structural reform does not exclude all possibilities. In terms of product, you should also compete with medium and high-end SLR single lens reflexes. While targeting genre top, earn profits even if sales falls. With generations grew up on smart phones I will give out a “Nikonashii” mirrorless camera that made a difference to other companies in terms of performance. I want to overwhelm the performance of the lens by utilizing industrial lens technology, but also need playfulness.”

So, as I can conclude from the Google translated text, Nikon plans to launch a high-end mirrorless camera. I assume they aim at the young adults as their main audience, considering that the president mentions “the generation that grew up on smartphones.” It’s not clear which type of mount they’ll use, or whether it will be a full frame or an APS-C body. But hopefully, we’ll soon know more and of course, keep you informed.

[via Nikon Rumors; cover image credits: UggBoy+UggGirl]

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Dunja Djudjic

Dunja Djudjic

Dunja Djudjic is a multi-talented artist based in Novi Sad, Serbia. With 15 years of experience as a photographer, she specializes in capturing the beauty of nature, travel, and fine art. In addition to her photography, Dunja also expresses her creativity through writing, embroidery, and jewelry making.

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45 responses to “New Nikon mirrorless camera is coming, company president confirms”

  1. Scott Waltrip Avatar
    Scott Waltrip

    No someone else has basically perfected it while the other two dragged their feet. Also I’m sure that there isn’t the comparability between lenses by way of simple to complex adapters to use your existing lenses

  2. Ghislain Leduc Avatar
    Ghislain Leduc

    I would, if it’s a DX, even if it is a CX but they would need to have a viewfinder with excellent focus speed and a super nice buffer. 4k video and image stabilizer. Also, if it’s a CX, they need to make better lenses.

  3. Carl Wilson Avatar
    Carl Wilson

    Let me use my existing Nikon glass and I’m down. IF they build it right

    1. Optical Overlays Avatar
      Optical Overlays


  4. Bruce Kinnaird Scott Avatar
    Bruce Kinnaird Scott

    I still love my S2. Brilliant camera

  5. Paul Richards Avatar
    Paul Richards

    If they built a full frame, yes

  6. catlett Avatar

    Sounds to me like excuses for why they are again going to blow of FX so no sale to me.

  7. Patricia Baer Avatar
    Patricia Baer


    1. Optical Overlays Avatar
      Optical Overlays

      Totally correct! Couldn’t agree more

  8. Daniel Scott Avatar
    Daniel Scott

    Hahaha no

  9. Rob Hall Avatar
    Rob Hall

    To slow, I already moved to Sony.

    1. Optical Overlays Avatar
      Optical Overlays


    2. Carolyn Gallo Avatar
      Carolyn Gallo


  10. Optical Overlays Avatar
    Optical Overlays

    Great :p

  11. Chris Lapointe Avatar
    Chris Lapointe

    No. Nikon needs to right the ship first or they’re gonna tank.

  12. Brenda Kaye Hicks Avatar
    Brenda Kaye Hicks


  13. bmw801d Avatar

    IF they bollex this .. nikon will be out of business.. the speed of the mirrorless coupled with the every increasing cost and complexity of DSLR bodies have hobbled nikon..

  14. Travis Avatar

    I must be the only person that hates mirrorless cameras.

    1. NANO_ Avatar


    2. Avinash Rai Avatar
      Avinash Rai

      No. Actually I don’t hate mirrorless cameras but I hate mirrorless cameras’ advocates who keep shouting for mirrorless cameras even without knowing real advantages and disadvantages of either system(mirrorless or dslr). Last but not least dslr are full fledged mirrorless camera in liveview mode and it is possible to integrate evf into ovf in dslrs but it is impossible to put a lens based ovf on a mirrorless camera.

    3. JustChristoph Avatar

      A camera with a mirror flapping around inside. Imagine that! It’s like the Flintstones car.

  15. Theuns Verwoerd Avatar
    Theuns Verwoerd

    If they retain the ergonomics, firmware and lenses from their DSLR range – probably. In practice they’ll almost certainly produce another compact-on-steroids irrelevancy, which is a market already dominated by other players and shrinking on top.

    What I want is a DSLR with an EVF, not another toy camera.

  16. Hugo Pinheiro Avatar
    Hugo Pinheiro

    Being a Nikon Shooter for years of course I would but first I have to see if the product is worth to buy! I hope so because I already thought switch to Sony but I’m going to wait and see.

  17. Yves Pinsonneault Avatar
    Yves Pinsonneault

    Way too late for me.

  18. Riat Ramadani Avatar
    Riat Ramadani


  19. David White Avatar
    David White

    Please don’t make some plastic crap, I need to see a full frame, fx mount, weather sealed, 4k shooting, mirror less slr aimed at professional shooters… Or don’t even bother

    1. osc707 Avatar

      I agree 100% – they need to realize that DSLR FF and Mirrorless FF can live and exist side by side. It should also be F-Mount as it will keep us that are already invested in Nikon around. Please Nikon don’t skimp on the features (limit features via software) it’s one of the worst practices out there which is why Sony & Fuji are killing it.

  20. Joel Wood Avatar
    Joel Wood

    Frak, no. Sony and Fuji all the way.

  21. Taras Kasprik Avatar
    Taras Kasprik

    Too late. Being Nikon shooter almost 10 years, moved to Fuji camp already

  22. John James Avatar
    John James

    The standard lens is Not as Wide as other brand. As the target is hobbyist and enthusiast this is a real deal breaker.

  23. Petar Maksimovic Avatar
    Petar Maksimovic

    As long as it has F-mount and EVF.

    1. Gvido Mūrnieks Avatar
      Gvido Mūrnieks

      What’s the point of F-mount for mirrorless? Better option would be a new mount, that would have flange distance for mirror-less and solved problems of F-mount(like the small diameter, that prevents usage of FF stabilized sensors). And, have proprietary adapter, that would simply work with F-mount…

  24. Jarek Niskiewicz Avatar
    Jarek Niskiewicz

    Ya good luck with that… Sold my d4s, picked up X-T2 and loving it… Still keeping my d810 but I’ve got a feeling it will get replaced with the Sony A7R3… Too late Nikon, and no way in hell they’ll catch up to Fuji & Sony.

    1. Avinash Rai Avatar
      Avinash Rai

      Fuji.. Are you serious? Fuji doesn’t have anything to match nikon d500 in aps-c body and to match d5 in full frame body. And in few weeks Nikon d810 successor will land then there will be even less chance for Fuji. Don’t forget cameras have two big parts first body and second lens. Nikon has 800mm,600mm,400mm,500mm,300mm super sharp incredible primes and 50,85,105,35,24,28 (mm) superfast primes. Only canon has lenses ( slighty more choices) to compete with Nikon.

      1. Eklavya Verma Avatar
        Eklavya Verma

        While you may be correct about APS-C body, but you are mistaken about lenses.

        D500 is great for anyone shooting sports or wildlife; but for weddings, portraits, street etc, Fujifilm offers an amazing selection of prime and professional zoom lenses for APS-C format that Nikon thoroughly lacks at this point. Using the D500 with the kind of expensive FF telephoto prime lenses that you have listed is in my opinion a waste of amazing quality glass. Might as well spin for a D5 and a couple of teleconverters and gain the complete potential of the coverage from that glass.

        The point is if you aren’t shooting high action, and are not planning to upgrade to FF, buying a Fujifilm ILC is probably a smarter decision right now.

        1. Avinash Rai Avatar
          Avinash Rai

          What about worldwide excellent customer support from Nikon and Canon? Fuji’s aps-c lenses aren’t that much cheaper than nikon’s ff lenses and advantage of having ff lenses on aps-c body is that aps-c sensors uses sweetest spot of ff lens and you can buy a ff- body without even worrying of getting selling and getting new lenses. Fuji is making good cameras but calling Nikon inferior to fuji is just complete stupidity. You can buy very affordable nikon ff lenses with great picture quality like 50mm f1.8($180),35mm f/1.8( $180), 50mmf/1.4($400).

          1. Eklavya Verma Avatar
            Eklavya Verma

            No, Nikon is definitely not inferior to Fuji. Far from it actually. But like I said, if you are only considering an APS-C system, and are not shooting high action, it is difficult to beat Fuji right now.

            As for the sweet spot of lenses, it takes a really good quality FF lens (and an expensive one too) for it to give great images on today’s high resolution DX Nikon cameras. Just using simple math, if you had an FX camera sensor that was as pixel-dense as Nikon’s 24mp DX sensors, you would end up with a 54mp FF sensor! None of Nikon’s FF lenses that you mention here can resolve to such a high resolution (I doubt any of their current line up can). So the sweet spot becomes more a hindrance than an advantage, as abberations become more visible).

            Compare that to Fuji’s XF lenses that are only designed for APS-C, you get much better image resolution across the frame.

          2. Avinash Rai Avatar
            Avinash Rai

            Just look at the scoring at dxo mark of canon lenses and you will find same canon lens produce vastly different resolution with different body and most of those lenses produce highest megapixel with Canon’s highest megapixel body-5dsr. So it is totally misleading that lenses are limited to a particular megapixel. With high res body lens resolve more megapixel. Using sweet spot of a lens improves every aspect of image from sharpness to distortion to Noise performance. Don’t forget Nikon and canon have some very good native aps-c lenses too.

          3. Eklavya Verma Avatar
            Eklavya Verma

            Well I can’t find any reviews for Fuji cameras or lenses on DxoMark. Maybe Dxo does not know how to score any sensor other than the bayer array, as neither Fuji X-Trans, nor Sigma’s Foveon sensors have any reviews on that website. So quoting DxoMark here doesn’t serve its purpose as there is no direct comparison available between Canon, Nikon and Fuji APS-C on that website.

            What I can tell you definitely is I have attended my share of weddings this past season, and have seen four shot using Fuji cameras. They are small, light, sometimes discreet, have amazing image quality, and make for great professional camera systems.

          4. Avinash Rai Avatar
            Avinash Rai

            First thing I want to know is that where do you live? And I gave dxo’s referance not to compare nikon and canon with fuji but show you that high resolution sensor produces high resolution output with same lens compared to low resolution sensor if other imaging parameters remains similar. 300mm f/2.8L canon lens produces 45 mp of resolution with 5dsr,19mpixel with canon 750d (crop sensor) and 1ds iii produces full 21 mp of resolution with same lens.

          5. JustChristoph Avatar

            I wouldn’t hold with what DXO say as gospel. There is a degree of political latitude in their statistics that occasionally has a ripe whiff about it. DXO is a private company that works hard to convince us that all their results are purely objective stats.

            You don’t find Fujifilm stats on DXOMark because they are wedded to Bayer-type technology, which Fujifilm does not use. I get the impression that Fuji must have read the riot act to DXO because they were low-scoring Fuji cameras based on no apparent objective measurements and then suddenly took down all the Fuji ‘stats’.

  25. JustChristoph Avatar

    Abandoned Nikon 2 years ago and it hurt, but I have come to love Fujifilm cameras and lenses.

    Would I go back? Hmm, just possibly, but only if Nikon cut the chord and offered a new Nikon mirrorless mount for the 21st century plus full-frame with IBIS and HSS as standard. They would need to offer a fully functional F-mount to mirrorless adapter right from the start.

    The one place Nikon could really score points is if they take a radical look at the menu system. It should be highly customizable and adaptive with both pick-list and iconographic options. Also, ditch the snobbery that serious photographers don’t want touch screens – a screen that is touch-dumb is an opportunity wasted.

  26. Ignasi Jacob Avatar
    Ignasi Jacob

    F mount?

    1. Gvido Mūrnieks Avatar
      Gvido Mūrnieks

      Hopefully no.

  27. Troy Phillips Avatar
    Troy Phillips

    I really think a new Nikon Mirrorless needs its own mount and IBIS. Then an adapter for the f mount lenses that gives them full functionality but without the ibis. I should be a fan camera also but maybe an apsc with ibis also and an adapter for f mount . The apsc camera should be able to use f mount and have ibis.
    I did read somewhere that Nikon wanted to get into the mirrorless Medium Format. Could the small medium format become the new ff format? Food for thought. Would it be too expensive?