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Conny Wallstrom
Conny Wallstrom is an experienced software developer, turned retoucher and turned photographer. Based in Sweden with focus on beauty, fashion & advertising. Creator of Retouch Toolkit software, a Photoshop add-on for professional retouchers.

Retouching Essentials: Are You Having Color Issues When Dodging & Burning? This Might Be The Reason

May 15, 2015
Conny Wallstrom

Many of the tools inside of Photoshop use various color models and techniques to alter color. If you are not familiar with them you might…

8-bit vs 16-bit – What Color Depth You Should Use And Why It Matters

Feb 24, 2015
Conny Wallstrom

When going into an edit process there is much confusion about what color depth should one use. Some pieces of knowledge are more relevant than…