4K macro video makes tabletop landscapes look like ethereal masterpieces

4K macro video makes tabletop landscapes look like ethereal masterpieces


Sometimes, the complexity of simplicity makes us fail to preserve the fundament of all we are and all we represent’.

This is the opening line for the description of ‘SINGULARITY’, a mesmerizing macro video by award-winning photographer Roman De Giuli. And while it might seem contrived, it couldn’t be more true.

That’s because this psychedelic adventure was captured with nothing more than glass components, various liquids and fabric dyes, all of which come together to create a visual feast for those who enjoy out of this world imagery.

Roman says the five-and-a-half-minute video took over a year worth of work and proved to be far more challenging than his award-winning macro video STREAM.


It was an extensive series of experiments with lights, fluids, powders and surfaces. I always want to create images with the “never-seen-before-effect” and a high narrative potential’, he said in a blog post explaining the process, adding ‘I found out quickly that up to 99% of my footage is wastage. It’s nice, it’s sharp, it’s beautiful – but it won’t create meaning to my story’.


To bring the idea of a story together, Roman says the experience needs to be flawless. You shouldn’t be able to recognize what it is you’re seeing or be distracted by the elements used to create the visuals.

In the same blog post, Roman says ‘It’s a thin line between a big filmic vision and an insignificant montage of clips and I hope I am on the right side this time’. It appears he is on the right side.


Not only did the visuals leave me enamored with wonder as to how each shot was created, the sound design also captured my attention (Roman suggests watching the video with headphones). The two flow together perfectly to create a wonderful experience.

Not only did Roman share the video, he’s also sharing 4K resolution desktop stills from the video that you can download and use on your computer or mobile device.

To read more on Roman’s thoughts on the project, head on over to his reflections blog post.

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