Tether Tools

Keep your camera safe with the Tether Tools LeverLock Plate

Apr 2, 2024
Sagiv Gilburd

If you have ever had the “pleasure” of killing a port on your camera, you know it is an expensive experience. The USB and microHDMI…

Tether Tools Smart Shooter 5 lets you control up to 10 cameras simultaneously

Jun 27, 2023
John Aldred

Tether Tools has announced the newest version of its Smart Shooter tethered shooting software. Smart Shooter 5 comes with a bunch of new features, including…

One ONsite Relay C can replace 8 batteries

May 5, 2023
Udi Tirosh

You’ve been there. You are shooting a long-form video or running a full night timelapse, and boom! Your battery dies. It’s one of those sad…

We are giving away over $12,000 of cinema gear

Sep 5, 2022
Udi Tirosh

UPDATE: This giveaway has now ended. Scroll to the end to see if you won. Huge thank you to our sponsors for the prizes and…

Tether Tools replaces the JerkStopper with the new TetherGuard cable management system

May 18, 2022
John Aldred

The JerkStopper from Tether Tools has been a staple amongst many photographers who shoot tethered in the studio. It’s been around for well over a…

Sony shooters rejoice, you can now tether directly into Lightroom

Oct 18, 2020
Udi Tirosh

Here is a screenshot I did not think I’ll see. Lightroom connected and tethered with a Sony A7III. I mean, Sony has been tethering with…

Power ONsite offers, well, power on site – a 110V on-site solution review

Apr 19, 2020
Udi Tirosh

ONsite is a system that provides 110 volts of power from DTAP batteries. If you are coming from the video or movie industry you are…

Portable location power for photographers and filmmakers

Nov 5, 2019
John Aldred

As well as cables and wireless tethering, the other thing Tether Tools is well known for is their range of power system for various cameras…

Wirelessly tether any camera to your desktop with Air Direct

Nov 1, 2019
John Aldred

It’s been three years since we saw the Tether Tools Case Air unveiled at Photokina 2016. It offered a lot of options for wirelessly tethering…

Tether Tools apologizes for unknowingly using a photo without permission

Dec 18, 2017
Dunja Djudjic

It’s not rare that we hear of companies using images without permission. But Tether Tools have recently set an example what a company should do…