Leaked photos reveal Sigma is set to release fast 50-100mm f/1.8 Art lens

Feb 19, 2016
Gannon Burgett

Sigma already has a steady collection of ‘Art’ lenses on the market, but it looks like they have a few more up their sleeves for…

Japan sales numbers show Canon dominating DSLRs, Olympus leading mirrorless and Nikon tanking across the board

Jan 28, 2016
Gannon Burgett

As usual, market research and analysis firm BCN announced its annual BCN Awards, accolades given to photography equipment manufacturers based on sales volume, calculated from…

A Metal Ball Bounces off The SIGMA WR Ceramic Filter; Said To Be 1000% Stronger Than Other Filters

Jan 24, 2016
Udi Tirosh

A few years ago I broke the filter on my 24-70 2.8 Nikon lens. I felt quite the lucky guy, as that lens is about $1,800. The…

5 Best Primes for Photojournalism

Dec 30, 2015
Gannon Burgett

All things held constant, prime lenses are far sharper at any given focal length than their zoom counterparts. The trade off, of course, is that…

Sigma’s new lens protector uses heat-treated ceramic glass

Dec 16, 2015
Gannon Burgett

If you’ve been looking to get a new protective filter for your newest lens, you can go ahead and stop looking now. Sigma has unveiled…

Nikon D5 Photos Leaked; Why Is It Using A Sigma Lens?

Dec 14, 2015
Liron Samuels

The long-anticipated Nikon D5 flagship camera has finally shown itself in the first leaked photos, posted by Nikon Rumors. Since most of the recent rumored…

2015 DIYP Gift Guide – Lenses

Dec 9, 2015
Gannon Burgett

With our camera gift guide taken care of, we’re on to the next piece of gear you’ll be needing – lenses. For part two of…

PSA: Protect your lenses by turning off image stabilization when traveling

Dec 7, 2015
Gannon Burgett

Did you know that when traveling with your image stabilized (IS) lens, it’s suggested that you turn off the IS functionality? Neither did I. Until today.

Super Fast And Ultra-Wide: First Look At The Sigma 20mm F/1.4 Art Lens

Nov 3, 2015
TJ Hansen

I have written before on the highly respected Sigma Art Series lenses (here and here) and I haven’t been let down yet. Sigma is now set to…

Sigma announced the world’s first full frame 20mm f/1.4 lens, but it’s not all roses

Oct 17, 2015
Liron Samuels

As expected, the rumors about the 20mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art lens turned out to be true and Sigma announced the world’s first full frame…