photography tips

Use these ten settings for super-sharp photos

Feb 21, 2024
JT Armstrong

Do all of your photos come out blurry? Are you struggling to get the clearest shots out of your camera? You’re in the right place!…

Building the creative mindset: The first step to unlocking your creativity

Oct 26, 2023
Brenda Bergreen

Before we can be more creative, we have to believe we’re capable of creativity which is why this blog post is going to be all about building your creative mindset. Unless you’re new to creativity research you know that many of us struggle to believe in our creativity. Even the creatives.

This is why you keep getting nightmare clients and how to stop it

Nov 11, 2021
Alex Baker

The nightmare client. They are everywhere it seems, and if you’re working in any kind of creative business you’ve probably come across at least one…

Should beginners work for free to build their portfolio?

Feb 10, 2020
Dunja Djudjic

To work for free or to not work for free? For some creatives, this isn’t even a question, but for others, it’s hard to decide,…

This epic photography portfolio took 18 months to craft by hand

Jul 4, 2019
Dunja Djudjic

Nowadays, most photographers only display their work online. However, we’ve recently seen how it can limit you and negatively affect your work, especially if you…

Use these three simple tricks to awaken and improve your creativity

May 20, 2019
Dunja Djudjic

We all get stuck in a creative rut from time to time, and it’s perfectly normal. But if you want to push yourself out of…

This fun quiz from Adobe will tell you what creative type you are

Apr 23, 2019
Dunja Djudjic

What do you think of personality tests? I am a fan of them and I’ve done quite a few for fun. If you like them…

Gear really doesn’t matter, its all about the story

Nov 4, 2018
Matthew Parks

Photography is a wonderfully dynamic form of expression. It is technical, artistic, timeless, evolved. We are in a phase in the industry where cameras and…

Use your personality to stand out amongst the sea of photographers

Jan 12, 2018
Dan Ginn

Today, more than ever, everyone is a photographer. From your pocket phone to your full frames, cameras are so accessible and everyone is using them….

Start culling your photos for a more effective portfolio

Dec 26, 2017
John Aldred

One of the most common things I see today, especially from newer photographers is posting far too many images from a session online. We’ve all…