motion control

DIY your old train set into a motion control timelapse dolly

Sep 5, 2016
John Aldred

This is one of those unique repurposing projects that would have never occurred to me. Having never owned a train set in my life, why…

This is how they shot the amazing super slow motion burger drop

Aug 26, 2016
John Aldred

Food can be a difficult subject to photograph. There’s all kinds of things to take into account about the colour and texture of the food….

We are giving away the best time lapse system ever – the Genie Pan Track Kit

Aug 18, 2016
Udi Tirosh

Update: this giveaway has ended, please jump to the bottom to see the winner. Huge thanks to SYRP for the prizes.  If you are reading…

DIYP reviews the SYRP Genie Mini – A Clever camera motion solution

Aug 15, 2016
JP Danko

I recently had the opportunity to review the Syrp Genie Mini Panning Motion Control System for time lapse and live action video ($249 from B&H,…

eMotimo Spectrum Review – Hands On Features & First Impressions

Jul 8, 2016
JP Danko

Our friends at eMotimo were recently kind enough to send us a brand new eMotimo Spectrum St4 to review. The eMotimo Spectrum St4 is a four…

The “First Universal Panning Tool” lets you pan the camera with virtually any slider on the market

Jun 17, 2016
John Aldred

Adding camera movements to your video or timelapse footage is one of the simplest ways to add some more interest in your footage, bump up…

Build your own motorized custom camera slider from scratch for around $75

May 23, 2016
John Aldred

Camera sliders are one of the easiest ways to add interesting motion to your timelapse and video sequences, but many of the commercial options are…

Rhino Motion Control System Is As Smooth As Their Sliders

Apr 7, 2015
Udi Tirosh

A little while back we shared a review on the Rhino Slider – and if you don’t care to watch it (or the kick ass video…

Ever Wondered how 1,000FPS Shots Are Taken? They Use A Huge Robot

Feb 20, 2015
Liron Samuels

Slow motion is a very useful technique commonly used these days. In fact, it is used so often that it’s becoming hard to keep one’s…

Ten Kickstarter Campaigns You Should Check Out

Feb 5, 2015
Liron Samuels

I’m a firm believer that gear is not as important as vision, creativity, talent or perseverance. That being said, some gear cannot be replaced by…