Detroit rapper steals image tells photographer to get ‘the f**k outta here’ after asking for photo credit

Detroit rapper steals image tells photographer to get ‘the f**k outta here’ after asking for photo credit


Author note: This article contains a fair bit of profanity. Rather than censoring it, we’ll let you read it in its entirety and proceed with caution.

Detroit rapper Danny Brown has come under fire lately after a not-so-friendly encounter with a photographer.

First seen on the subreddit r/hiphopheads, the story begins at a concert of his in Melbourne. Photographer and radio host Michelle Grace Hunder captured an image of Brown performing on stage and posted it to Twitter.

After the concert, Brown took to Twitter to retweet the image. Where things went awry is when Brown then decided to take that image and post it to Instagram without any form of credit.

Hunder noticed her uncredited photo on Brown’s Instagram profile and somewhere along the line Nic Kelly, the content manager for Australian media brand Project U, heard of the uncredited image. Determined to help make things right, Kelly reached out to Brown and politely asked if Brown could properly credit the image.

The response was far from friendly, as you can see below:

But that was only the beginning. After Kelly posted the conversation between him and Brown, Brown shared the following profane tweet.

Kelly followed up with a tweet calling out Brown and his management for terrible media practices:

During much of the beef between Kelly and Brown, Hunder was asleep, missing most of the conversation. But during that time, Brown shared a series of tweets that has since been deleted, saying:

‘Did I ask for a muthafa to take my picture?? […] Well shut the f up then!!!!! Note to all photographers!!!! […] If u want credit for your pictures then don’t take any of me if I didn’t ask u to!!! […] F*** outta here!!’

When Kelly did wake up, she posted the following tweets, which range from explaining that the photo has since been deleted, but the problem left unsolved, to explaining to third parties why photographers shouldn’t have to watermark their images.

All in all, it’s over, but the battle seems to be carrying on between Brown and Kelly to some degree. Under never got the official credit she deserved, but she has since had hundreds of fellow artists reach out and encourage her for taking a stand against copyright infringement.

Image credits: Danny Brown 3 by EWatson92 used under CC BY 2.0

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  1. Noah Stephens Avatar
    Noah Stephens

    Don’t ask for credit. Send a bill for the licensing fee.

  2. Noah Stephens Avatar
    Noah Stephens

    Please do not reproduce.