Watch cameras and lenses get destroyed by a high-caliber rifle

Watch cameras and lenses get destroyed by a high-caliber rifle

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What is the best way to test out a brand new triggering system? Shooting cameras, of course. But not in the way you might be thinking.

For his latest video for The Camera Store TV, Chris Niccolls takes the brand new Cognisys StopShot for a spin by literally shooting cameras and other gear using a rifle.

If you have a weak stomach and prefer to not watch cameras get absolutely destroyed by lead, you might want to turn away. But do note that none of these cameras were in working order upon being shot at. Each had been ruined by one means or another and were nothing more than glorified paper weights.

The first six minutes of the video is an introduction to the StopShot system, so if you want to get to the carnage, go ahead and skip to the 6-minute mark. From there, you’ll find sweet action of camera bodies getting blown to bits.

YouTube video

After showing off what the Cognisys StopShot can do when shooting camera bodies, Niccolls then transitions into how you can use the system to shoot water drops in action.

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