The Party Bouncer is Back in Business (Card)

Dec 28, 2007
Udi Tirosh

Yet another small internal flash bouncer. I really like this one since it is the fastest one to make yet. I’ll estimate about 15 seconds….

Great Ways To Include Shadows In Your Pictures – Discussion

Dec 16, 2007
Udi Tirosh

Results from the Shadows Assignment, in which you were asked to include shadows in your photographs. We had 9 flickr submissions (two by Carlos –…

Getting Fired by My Daughter – a Homage to X Man

Dec 15, 2007
Udi Tirosh

Last night I got fired by my daughter. I kid you not. She firmly stood on her two tiny legs wearing an executive outfit and…

DIY Wax-Fen Flash Diffuser – Yet Another Bouncy Thingy

Dec 14, 2007
Udi Tirosh

This guest post by Rick S. (aka therickman), Pittsburgh, PA. features a stofen like device for no money at all. (OK, 2 cents, if you…

Striplight Unstripped – Some More Info

Nov 30, 2007
Udi Tirosh

Photographer Nathan Moody Has posted a nice threatening portrait done with the strip light setup shown here. After enjoying this great portrait and lighting, I…

DIY Studio Lighting – The Strip Light That Won’t Strip You

Nov 25, 2007
Udi Tirosh

Photographer David Greene was kind enough to share a cool lighting technique he uses for fashion photography. Using your everyday florescence fixtures and bulbs David…

Ringlight Bonanza with Joris van den Heuvel

Nov 25, 2007
Udi Tirosh

Not so long ago, I got a mail from a reader and fellow DIYer Joris van den Heuvel. Joris referred me to his site where…

Lighting – Light Like a Butterfly

Nov 18, 2007
Udi Tirosh

After Just Fab introduced her fabulous Ghetto Studio, which was a ghetto setup for the butterfly lighting (AKA Glamour Lighting; AKA Paramount Lighting) I felt…

DIY homemade GaryFong Like Light Sphere

Nov 14, 2007
Udi Tirosh

Gary Fong has become a de-facto standard for speed light diffusion. The accessories made by Gary include the famous Lightsphere and lots of other small…

Lighting a Small Room by David Tejada

Nov 12, 2007
Udi Tirosh

Photographer David Tejada posted a nice video showing how he did a shot of a small room with a computer screed (what he refers to…