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Paul Monaghan
Creative photographer based in Scotland, Sigma UK Ambassador.

The tiny light that can; an INSSTRO C1 RGB LED review

Feb 9, 2020
Paul Monaghan

Light – the most important thing in photography.  Without it, we have nothing but darkness.  Some of us like to capture and bend the natural…

This is how you use filters on wide angle lenses; Haida M15 filter holder review

Jan 30, 2020
Paul Monaghan

If there is one thing I have grown to love about photography, it is the ability to capture, control, and manipulate time.  Photography is giving…

Are graduated neutral-density filters really useful?

Jan 19, 2020
Paul Monaghan

For a few years now I have been using various different filters. I mostly use them to reduce the overall light coming into the camera…

Keeping it small, using rear filters for the Sigma 14-24 f2.8 Art DG DN

Jan 9, 2020
Paul Monaghan

A while ago Sigma joined the L mount alliance along with Panasonic and Leica.  Although it wasn’t really till recently that we started to see…