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Paul Monaghan
Creative photographer based in Scotland, Sigma UK Ambassador.

A funny lens hood to kill all window reflections

Dec 13, 2020
Paul Monaghan

Have you ever wanted to shoot out of a window, but the reflections ruin the shot?  Introducing the Haida super wide-angle silicone lens hood (Amazon,…

Here are 12 ND filters compared for color and sharpness

Nov 29, 2020
Paul Monaghan

Filters, such a useful tool for allowing more control over your exposure. Some things are simply can’t be done with a camera alone. But with…

Muti-camera live stream on location, the Yolobox

Oct 4, 2020
Paul Monaghan

The populations of both content creators and work from home people are getting bigger. Demand for live streaming is growing with them. Wouldn’t it be…

Stupidly wide, The Laowa 9mm f5.6 W-Dreamer on the Sigma FP

Sep 20, 2020
Paul Monaghan

I’m no stranger to a wide-angle lens, back in my crop Pentax days I used to love shooting my old Samyang 8mm Fisheye, and more…

A comprehensive review of the new Moment Travelwear bags

Aug 21, 2020
Paul Monaghan

Moment, who started back in 2013 with a lens for mobile phones Kickstarter, is back! This time with a new line of Travelwear bags and…

Can cheap ND filters be good? The K&F Concept SN25T1 filter kit says yes

Aug 2, 2020
Paul Monaghan

Over the years neutral density filters have become a staple in my photography. Allowing me more control over my camera exposure. Good quality filters demand…

The perfect rear filters for the Sigma 14-24MM DG DN

Jul 5, 2020
Paul Monaghan

The Sigma 14-24mm f2.8 DG DN is fast becoming my favorite L mount lens for the Sigma fp. I’ve been taking it around Scotland to…

Haida bring the Variable ND filter to the M10 100mm system; a review

Jun 7, 2020
Paul Monaghan

Normally when we think of Variable ND filters, we think about a circular filter. One that gives us the ability to change the exposure simply…

You can remove the IR cut filter on Sigma Foveon cameras – it’s fun!

May 30, 2020
Paul Monaghan

While Sigma is known as a lens company, most people don’t know they also make cameras.  That was until the Sigma released the “fp“.   The…

How I shot Sigma’s promotional photos for the Sigma fp

Feb 27, 2020
Paul Monaghan

One of the things I enjoy about photography is creating product images, my good friends at Sigma Imaging UK recently asked me to create some…