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Paul Monaghan
Paul Monaghan is a creative photographer based in Scotland. Paul is on of the leading landscape photographers in the UK and is an authority on ND filters in the industry. Among others, Paul is a Sigma UK Ambassador.

DIYP reviews the H&Y REVORING Swift

May 30, 2022
Paul Monaghan

Swift…  not a word generally associated with camera filters, but H&Y Filters’ new “REVORING Swift” system recently landed on Kickstarter and seeks to change that….

Never screw again. First review of the Revoring CPL filters from H&Y

Jan 26, 2022
Paul Monaghan

Over the years, I used optical filters quite a lot. They give me great control over the in-camera photo, so they are valuable tools. I…

The H&Y 100 filter is one clever magnetic system

Jun 16, 2021
Paul Monaghan

I’ve had the great pleasure of using a few different types of filter holder systems over the years, but this one is different. Let’s take…

Wallet-friendly magnetic Filters from K&F Concept

Apr 27, 2021
Paul Monaghan

K&F Concept has just released a new magnetic filter kit that you can get for as little as $110. The Kit comes with a magnetic…

The must have tool for color addicts – the Rosco MixBook

Apr 23, 2021
Paul Monaghan

Color.  Such an important tool to help bring a time, place, or even emotions into an image.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have something that…

Organic looking images? The K&F Concept Black Mist filter reviewed

Mar 21, 2021
Paul Monaghan

Can a filter really help make digital images look more organic/film-like?  We take a look at the new Black Mist filter from K&F Concept. Essentially,…

The best 105mm lenses for Speed, Macro or Zoom

Feb 21, 2021
Paul Monaghan

One of the great things about photography is the wide range of available equipment. Particularly with lenses.  But this can also leave people wondering what…

This light stand – tripod hybrid is my best stand yet

Feb 6, 2021
Paul Monaghan

Over the years, I’ve invested in many ways to hold lighting equipment, but recently I found a light stand that seems to get very little…

This filter system is the ultimate variable ND solution

Jan 21, 2021
Paul Monaghan

Have you ever wanted a set of filters that could offer 1 to 9 stops of light reduction without having to screw in different filters?…

Half an Art. First images from the Sigma 85mm f1.4 Art DN GN

Dec 18, 2020
Paul Monaghan

When Sigma started the global vision range the Art series, in particular, became a household name for high-quality lenses. My personal favorite is the lovely…