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Glenn Norwood
Glenn Primarily works as a social and fashion photographer specializing in editorial, advertising and portrait photography, based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. You can follow him here.

Using Gelled Lighting For In-Camera, Color-Theory Driven Stories

Jan 18, 2016
Glenn Norwood

I pretty much shoot exclusively color images – I don’t know why, I just always tend to resonate towards color rather than a monochrome image….

Creating Mood And Atmosphere with Gelled lighting

Nov 11, 2015
Glenn Norwood

I love creating mood and a dramatic atmosphere with my lighting. I predominately shoot fashion portraits and as well as the position of my lighting, I…

The quick 5 minute composite

Oct 13, 2015
Glenn Norwood

So I rarely do composite type images preferring to do as much in camera as I can. However sometimes it can’t be helped. Do do…

Thinking different – a couple of distinctive creative lighting techniques to try

Sep 30, 2015
Glenn Norwood

I always love playing with light, creating new techniques or finding a new gadget to help my images stand out from the crowd. I also…

Interfit Fluorescent Ring Light Quick Review

Sep 13, 2015
Glenn Norwood

I have always had a love/hate relationship with ring flashes. On the one hand they can produce wonderfully edgy and striking portraits, whilst on the…

5 Ways To Get Creative With Seamless Background Paper

Sep 3, 2015
Glenn Norwood

I am a portrait and fashion photographer and the large percentage of my work is done in my studio. I love my studio, but space…

Creating A Midday Sun In The Studio – A Lighting Tutorial

Aug 26, 2015
Glenn Norwood

As we know, shooting in harsh sunlight at midday is a portrait photographers nightmare! But, it can produce a very striking and edgy look thats fantastic….

The Versatile Beauty Dish – My Favourite Lighting Patterns

Aug 10, 2015
Glenn Norwood

Most folks will be fairly familiar with the Beauty Dish and its usefulness in both fashion and general portraiture. In this tutorial I would like…