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Hey, photographer! Does social media make you feel inadequate? 

Feb 1, 2020
Dave Kai-Piper

After speaking with some friends it seems like I am not alone. The pressure to create and produce work has never been greater. Never before…

30+ apps for photographers and image-makers

Jan 27, 2020
Dave Kai-Piper

Recently my phone died, unfortunately, there is no app to fix water damage, so I had to buy a new one. Re-installing all the apps…

Here are some Panasonic S1R RAW files for you to download and play with (+ first thoughts)

Aug 31, 2019
Dave Kai-Piper

The Panasonic SR1 has been grabbing some headlines lately. We thought it would be a good idea to share some raw footage and some raw…

What’s the slowest shutter-speed you can shoot hand held?

Jul 28, 2019
Dave Kai-Piper

Back in 2018, I wrote an article that said that ‘Tripods are not just for landscape photographers, they can be useful tools for all photographers.‘…

The complete guide on photographing in harsh sunlight

Jul 27, 2019
Dave Kai-Piper

With a heatwave rolling over America & Europe, photographers are going to be dealing with some pretty direct light. Here are some tips about dealing…

The number 3 and Photography

Jul 21, 2019
Dave Kai-Piper

The number 3 crops up quite often in the world of photography. Here are just a few examples of things that happen in three’s.

Download out-of-cam DJI Osmo Action Camera clips to play with!

Jun 8, 2019
Dave Kai-Piper

Recently, I picked up the new DJI OSMO Action camera. This new camera is the ‘action’ version of the DJI OSMO pocket. If you want…

Help! I have so many camera bags

Jun 2, 2019
Dave Kai-Piper

I have been searching for over a decade,  I am pretty sure there is no perfect bag for all photography uses. Recently I have changed…

Am I using Instagram wrong?

May 7, 2019
Dave Kai-Piper

Recently, I set up a new page for my travel/motorbike adventures, I was trying something different until someone told me I was using Instagram wrong….