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Kate Winslet Refuses Photoshop on Her L’Oreal Ads

Oct 28, 2015
Udi Tirosh

I am a big fan of Kate Winslet as an actress and I think she is wonderful. I think even more so, now that she has…

THinnerBeauty Photoshops Plus-Sized Celebrities Trying To Shame Them To Lose Weight

Aug 26, 2015
Udi Tirosh

UPDATE: The article title has been corrected and an explanatory paragraph was added, thanks for everyone who pointed are eyes into it. We have shared how Photoshop is…

Watch 3 Hours Of Beauty Retouching Condensed Into 70 Seconds

Aug 13, 2015
Udi Tirosh

Retoucher Julia Kuzmenko is somewhat of an authority in the glamour / beauty retouching scene, so it is quite interesting to follow her workflow and see…

Photographer Challenges Beauty Standards With Women of All Shapes and Sizes [NSFW]

Jul 25, 2015
Allen Mowery

I dislike people who define the undefinable.    No, there is no singularly “best” flavor of ice cream; it is impossible to prove that Concierto de…

How Good (And Bad) Retouching Impacts Your Objective Age

May 3, 2015
Stefan Kohler

A few days ago it started – suddenly these portraits sprouted everywhere like mushrooms after the rain, with pictures of people and a postit note…

Fitness Trainer Photoshops Herself In An Awesome Response Video To Her Critics

Apr 24, 2015
Tiffany Mueller

No one is immune to cyber bullies, especially when it comes to body shaming. Not even fitness trainers–just ask Cassey Ho. Ho, who runs a…

How Women’s Beauty Standards Have Changed Through The Eras: 3,000 Years In 180 Seconds

Feb 3, 2015
Udi Tirosh

 Over the last few years we have seen the industry going against too skinny, too Photoshopped and just plain too western beauty standards. For me…

Inspiring Portrait Project Breaks Down Stereotypes; Shows Raw Beauty Of Disabled Women

Oct 16, 2014
Tiffany Mueller

Proving once again that photographers really are a caring and inspiring niche of humans, a group of NYC photographers have partnered up with 20 disabled women to…