Make a DIY monopod using an old broomstick and spare screws

Make a DIY monopod using an old broomstick and spare screws

DIY Monopod

Monopods are a wonderful tool to have if you need that extra little bit of image stability or happen to have a heavier lens attached to your camera.

And while you can certainly shell out some dough to pick up a Manfrotto or something along those lines, it’s also possible to save the cash and make your very own using nothing more than a broomstick, thanks to this clever tip from MAKE.

All you need for the project is an old broom handle, a ¼”-20 hanger bolt, an accompanying hex nut and a nail. Once you have your supplies, it’s as simple as sawing off the top of the broom handle (if it’s rounded), pre-drilling a hole in the top and putting the hanger screws into the hole.

Then, attach the hex nut to the top hanger screw. This will allow you to tighten the hold on your camera’s tripod mount when attached to your new DIY monopod.

The nail will go into the bottom of the broomstick to act as the pivot point and giving the monopod a means of sticking into the surface it’s on top of.

For a full run-down of the project, head on over to MAKE’s tutorial. In the meantime, search around your shed for an extra broom and the other pieces of hardware needed to get the job done.

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