Leica has released a limited-edition Panda-themed version of its M-P rangefinder

Leica has released a limited-edition Panda-themed version of its M-P rangefinder

Leica Panda Edition 4

Leica might be German-made, but that doesn’t mean it can’t collaborate with other markets for exclusive versions of its cameras. The latest example of this are two new Leica M-P ‘Panda Edition’ camera sets, designed specifically for the Chinese market.

As the name would suggest, the ‘Panda Edition’ versions of Leica’s M-P camera features a white metal frame coated with a ‘special’ white paint and black leather trim to match. The back of the camera features a monochromatic panda logo with the ‘CHENGDU CHINA’ engraved beneath it.

Leica Panda Edition 8

Aside from the superficial differences, the ‘Panda Edition’ camera is no different from your average (is there such thing as an average Leica?) Leica M-P. The key differential between the two sets is what lens will come with it.

Leica Panda Edition 3

One set will come with a Leica Summicron-M 28mm f/2 ASPH while the other features a Summilux-M 35mm f/1.4 ASPH lens. They will cost approximately US$14,000 and US$15,400, respectively.

Leica Panda Edition 9

Only 30 sets for each edition will be made available, so if you feel like shelling out the dough, act quick.

Leica Panda Edition 1

Leica Panda Edition 5

Leica Panda Edition 7

If you’re wondering why Leica chose a Panda as the theme for this limited-edition camera, they’ve provided a slightly vague and quite clichéd description in the press release, saying:

[We chose] “Panda” as the design theme of this special limited edition not only because the panda is a national treasure of China, but also because of its image representing Chinese people’s love for peace and kindness to others, strong-will and resilience to environmental change.

Keep doing you, Leica. Keep doing you. It’s been working since 1849.

[via Leica Rumors]

Image credits: Photos via Leica Rumors used with permission

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