How to build a DIY iPhone video rig

How to build a DIY iPhone video rig

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iPhones might not be the video camera choice of professionals, but if you want a quick behind-the-scenes video or prefer to pack light, the 4K capable iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are wonderful tools.

To improve the footage from the smartphones, two of the most simple things you can do are add external audio recording and a means of better stabilizing the footage (especially the 6s, since the 6s Plus comes with built-in image stabilization). And the best way to do that in one is to create a DIY rig.

Here to show you how to do that is Zack Ford of Barbaric Media.

In the 95-second video, Ford breaks down how he uses a simple stabilization rig, an external microphone, an external recorder and a smartphone mount to capture quality footage on the fly.

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Below is a list of everything Ford uses in the video. If you want to save a little cash, you could probably pass on the Rode mic and instead just place a wind diffuser on the Tascam recorder.

Once you have the supplies, the building process is the only thing left to do. As the video quickly demonstrates, it’s not too difficult of a process. Ford manages to complete the task in roughly 40 seconds.

(As a little forewarning the video has a brief moment of profanity in the first few seconds)

Interestingly enough, he used this exact rig to make a short film on wet plate collodion photographer Francesco Mastalia, a 10-minute short well worth a watch.

[via ISO 1200]

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