Best Android Photography Apps for Planning Photos

Feb 20, 2014
JP Danko

In last week’s article, we went through a selection of the top Android photography apps for serious smartphone photographers to capture and edit photos. In…

The Aputure VS-3 Field Monitor Packs More Than Its 7 Inches

Feb 19, 2014
Udi Tirosh

As we make more and more videos, our need for a field monitor grew and we finally got Aputure’s VS-3 7″ field monitor. It is…

GoPro – I’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’

Jan 31, 2014
JP Danko

My GoPro and I have hit a bit of a rocky stretch in our relationship.  I’m not sure yet if we’re heading for divorce, but…

DIYP Reviews The G-Dock Ev With Thunderbolt

Jan 24, 2014
ET Galim

G-technology is no stranger to mass storage. The company is leading the market when it come to high performance storage for creative people. The G-Dock…

These 6 Photography eBooks Are The Perfect Last Minute Christmas Gift

Dec 23, 2013
Udi Tirosh

So, you really are at that last second and still don’t have anything to put under the tree? These 6 downloadable books will do the…

The Recesky TLR DIY Camera Kit – A Review

Dec 13, 2013
Jeff Guyer

It occurred to me recently that I’ve been a regular contributor here at DIY Photography for four months, and I’ve yet to actually write anything…

Sigma 35mm f/1.4 – Hands On Review

Dec 5, 2013
JP Danko

I have been hearing a lot of buzz about the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 for a while now, but up until now, I haven’t had the…

The Mogopod Is One Heck Of A Versatile Monopod

Dec 4, 2013
Udi Tirosh

Mogopod’s claim to fame is that they are the “world’s most versatile monopod“. This is quite a heavy claim, so I was pretty excited to…

AA Batteries for Photography Accessories

Oct 31, 2013
JP Danko

I use a lot of AA batteries.  So many in fact that finding them all and getting them charged up for a gig has become…

Direction & Quality Of Light – Book Review

Oct 23, 2013
Udi Tirosh

It is not secret that Neil Van Niekerk (who also runs the tangents blog for photographers) is one of our favorite photographers (and favorite bloggers…