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Andrew Appleton
Andrew Appleton is a UK based photographer, trainer and presenter. Over the last 7 years he has run workshops and presented at events all over the world. With a background in theatrical photography it is no surprise he has a passion for dance images.

The Lumix S1 – My Top Camera of 2019

Apr 14, 2019
Andrew Appleton

Here’s me, a mirrorless user for about three years now and exclusively mirrorless for the last 18 months. It stands to reason that it wasn’t…

Faces of Cancer documents emotions of cancer patients

Oct 16, 2018
Andrew Appleton

Imelda Bell is a multi award-winning photographer. She is also a rather remarkable woman. The first claim is factual; that she is remarkable is something…

Lightroom Publish Services: The hidden gem that everyone needs

Jul 29, 2018
Andrew Appleton

Question for you: who uses the Lightroom Publish services? If you do, you’re probably already enjoying the time it’s saving you. Sleeping in later, enjoying…

The five steps set-up for a perfect TTL Strobe photo

May 4, 2018
Andrew Appleton

OK. Hands up to it. I am a huge fan of TTL flash on speedlights. Why? Because it means I can pretty much nail the…

Flash Duration: what you need to know and why you need to know it

Apr 28, 2018
Andrew Appleton

Flash duration. Sounds a simple enough concept – but is it? Yes…and no. When I decided to write about this subject, I wrestled with how…