Using A Game Controller To Cull & Sort Files In Lightroom

So, you can spend hours and hours on Halo, but wrist gets tired after 20 minutes of culling photos? It could be related to fun vs. work, but it could also be related to wrist fatigue.

Using A Game Controller To Cull & Sort Files In Lightroom

Hitting the forward/backward arrows and assigning numbers/colors hundreds of time can be hard on your wrist. Compared to say hitting hundreds of buttons while playing Call of Duty. There is a reason for this. The gaming industry wants you at your game controller so they heavily invest in ergonomics R&D. That investment pays off in terms of being able to play for prolonged period of time (yes, I would definitely not play prolonged periods of time if it wasn’t for the comfy controller. HA!).

This concept of ergonomic controller cane be taken to the editing process. Here are three ways to use a game controller with Lightroom.

The Funny – Cullinator

The Cullinator from Ed Pingol’s house comes a complete integration for Lightroom, Mac and photomechanic. It looks great for culling or selecting pictures. It also allows Lightroom edits. + their website is very entertaining. $50 for controller and software

The Feature Packed – Xpadder

Xpadder is a generic controller to keyboard mapper. While it is not made exclusively for Lightroom it can be mapped and tuned to meet your editing workflow. It does take a little bit of computer know how to create a key-map but on the good side it is 100% configurable. Sadly there is no mac version. 10$ for the software, $7.45-$135 for the controller.

The Feature Packed - Xpadder

The DIY – JoyToKey

JoyToKey is another generic key mapper and probably the hard core of them all (it is also the only one that I saw that uses the words “keyboard emulator”. Has to say something, right? As far as features go, it looks like it has all the right things. but the interface is very basic and 1980’s. Go for this one if you are a true hacker. Free software, $7.45-$135 for the controller

The DIY - JoyToKey

P.S. – if you like unorthodox controls, Paddy for Lightroom will let you edit pictures via a MIDI controller

[Cullinator via SLR Lounge (make sure to check out the comments)]

  • Loenja Tobias Selter

    does any one have a working config for joy to key in lightroom? (if no one responds i will put one up later)