This Ten-Year Timelapse of the 9/11 Memorial Gives Us a Powerful Reminder

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I was born and raised a Muslim in America, and nine years old when New York lost its Twin Towers. The next week, I started finding out that the men responsible for hijacking the four airplanes that marked that terrible day did it in the name of my religion. What happened that day changed the course of the entire country; for me, that change came in the form of prejudice, fear, and hate. For a while, many people close to me dealt with threats, harassment, and misunderstandings because people were scared. It was extraordinary how different things had become in such a short time.

But the way things have changed up to now is even more remarkable. Today, even in Texas, that fear is dying. The people that live here build together, work together, and learn about each other in ways that are unprecedented. Granted, I can’t speak for other areas out there, but I’ve never seen Muslims so accepted into a community as I do today, and every now and then I find myself thankful for that. It’s a reminder of the endurance we’re all capable of; it’s a reminder of the fact that even when the loss we might face is overwhelming, our will to rebuild is what remains resilient. The 9/11 Memorial Museum and One World Trade Center that stand in New York today are living examples of that strength.

This is a timelapse ten years in the making, and two minutes in length. It was directed by Earthlink CEO and founder Brian Cury, and chronicles the construction of the 9/11 Memorial Museum, which has taken place since October 2004. On May 21, the museum will finally open to the public, and this video’s release coincides with the museum’s completion to serve as a reminder that we can all use; that even in the darkest of times, we’re always capable of moving forward.

  • Henrique Alvarinhas

    Bruno Alvarinhas Andreia Barata Srs. Arquitectos olhem lá o manual de Processos Construtivos em resumo.

  • Jon Peckham

    There is no factual evidence that muslims were involved. Research your facts people. It was a corporate sponsored inside Job. Everyone knows that by know except the ignorant . .

    • Felipe_Paredes

      were the reptilians right?

      • Jon Peckham

        No one knows because the evidence was illegally removed and a proper investigation was never done.

        • Felipe_Paredes

          “It was a corporate sponsored inside Job. Everyone knows that by know except the ignorant” seems like you know already.

          • Jon Peckham

            Seems like your ignorant.

          • Felipe_Paredes

            yes, I ignore who did it, but obviously you are a genius, here is your star ” * “

          • Maaz Khan

            Hey, guys. The reason I shared this video was to share its message of rebuilding and recovery.

            We’ve all got our thoughts on who did what that day, but lashing it out over a comments section isn’t going to change anyone’s mind on anything. Neither of you know who each other is, nor do either of you know what the other’s life is like. Don’t be so quick to label someone because of some words they typed from their computer.

            Let’s agree to disagree; there’s better ways to discuss this and it’s not like this.

          • Jon Peckham

            I’m not the one name calling and lashing out. Just responding to the plaintiff . . . Im now going to ignore this thread. Isn’t worth it.

          • Felipe_Paredes

            It is a great video thanks for sharing! :)

          • Maaz Khan

            Glad to! :)

      • Jon Peckham


  • kombizz

    Almost everybody knows that 911 was a False Flag – Inside Job work. Shame on those public murderers who KILLED so many innocent people for their own profit & selfishness.

  • Sean Smith

    No matter who caused 911 and who was behind it, it was an evil event and has had far reaching consequences and knock on effects. Look at how prejudices against Muslim people and their faith reared it’s ugly head. Even if these atrocities were caused by Muslims, they were caused by a small minority of extremists and it is wrong that so many Muslim people throughout the world have been made to face prejudice and mistrust.

    If it wasn’t caused by Muslim people, then they were used as scapegoats and still made to face prejudice and mistrust.

    Either way, this is like blaming all Catholics just because one priest decides to fiddle with the alter boy…..

    It is wrong.

    And anything we can do as people to move on and put the prejudices behind us and learn from these things can only be a good thing….

    Watching a time-lapse such as this allows us to appreciate that things have been in some ways rebuilt, but retaining memory of the lives lost. For so many people around the world, when you think of the WTC site you think of those terrible images of 911 and the destruction and devastation. This time-lapse gives a new view….. Thank you for sharing.

    • Maaz Khan

      I’d recommend you to watch Jon Stewart’s opening segment from his first show after 9/11 happened. I think you’d really like it.

      Thanks for the thoughtful words on this. We really could benefit from having this kind of outlook.

  • rodrigounda

    No muslim where involved in the attack. The US Congress report said so. Shame on you USA goverment, to kill your own people.

  • Shephard

    “Up is down” theme from Pirates of the Caribbean at 1:20. Interesting choice…