Making 35mm Slide Like Photography Business Cards

Here is a neat way to reuse 35mm slides (or slide frames) aside from Blasting them all over your photos.

Making 35mm Slide Like Photography Business Cards

Photographer Jernej Lasič created those wonderfully delicious business cards made from 35mm slides frames and printed transparency paper.

The process starts at printing contact details on a semi-transparent paper, cutting it, and then placing each little sheet in a reused 35mm frame.

The cool thing about it is that Jernej did not buy any slides at all, but reused his old stock.

Making 35mm Slide Like Photography Business Cards

And even better yet, he made a tutorial on how to make a set of those cool business cards yourself.

You can read the Slovenian version over at Jernej’s Blog, or head over to PetaPixel for an English translation.


  1. Guest says

    Great work, I must say that paper slips would be way sophisticated than nasty supports. And you only get that with developed slide film.

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