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Welcome to DIYPhotography.net. Here we put all the legal stuff to let you know what right and wrong and to share what are policies are . If you want the short human version here it is: We work hard, we love what we do, we want to enjoy and mean only well. Now The hard core text…


We are working hard to get fresh and interesting news over, however we are not error proof. If you found an error, please let us know either via the comments or the contact form.

Review items

Just like any other photographer, we love gear. We do our best to give honest unbiased reviews. We never accept paid posts. We never take money for reviews (though we may sometimes keep the reviewed item), and we never, never recommend gear that we don’t absolutely love and use ourselves.


I am letting you know, we’ll put a cookie in your browser. Some of it is for you to get our content faster (the cookie enables us to only send you new data and let you use “old” data like pictures if they are already on your drive), some if is planted by Adsense or other services. In any case we respect your privacy and will never intentionally do anything to compromise you.


We work hard to maintain DIYP with fresh, interesting and inspiring content. All content on DIYP is copyright by us unless otherwise noted. Please respect that and dont copy our articles verbatim, you are welcomed to cite them and link to them.

We only post photos and content with permission from the owners or with proper license. If we failed, please let us know and we’ll do everything we can to fix that.


Some of the links on the blog are affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase after clicking those links DIYP gets a small percentage of the purchase price while there is no effect on what you pay. You can read our partners private policies here: Amazon, B&H, e-Junkie.


We respect you privacy, we will never sell your email, we will never spam you. We do collect some personal information when you subscribe to our newsletter, leave a comment or contact us directly.

We share stats with some of our advertisers, but those stats are never personal and are usually percentage driven (about 50% of the visitors come from the US, for example)