Breathtaking Shots Of Iceland Taken From A Drone Shows How Far We’ve Gone In Availability

A screenshot from the video.

I recently came across a video from pomfretvids, a user on youtube, of a few aerial shots taken in Iceland. If you haven’t ever been there, then this video may make you want to plan a trip as it did to me.

The description of the video tells us that the drone (and camera) were taken to some exotic (or at least tongue twisting) places like the Glymur waterfall region, Hvalfjörður, and even caught an aurora (a full list is found at the video). The gear used to make this was a DJI Phantom, mounted with a GoPro Hero 3 Black; the resulting video shows the amazing capabilities of what one could go with a setup like this as well. How crazy is it that they had helicopters filming shots like these for the Lord of the Rings and consumers today can replicate the same epic aerial landscape views for about $800 bucks?

Check out the video below, and leave a comment below on what you think. As the uploader pointed out in Youtube’s comment section, it’s incredible to see how well this drone handles itself with windy environments. There’s so much more possible now with the gear that’s coming out today, and this video can easily be a spokesperson for that.

At least if the drone falls it want fall on anybody’s head.

[Iceland from the Air | pomfretvids]

  • Jared Lawson

    Wow this is a fantastic post of an epic video from Iceland. I have traveled and shot photography through Iceland and loved every part of it, part adventure – part photography – add in some culture, and it is an amazing country Travel Photography

    • Maaz Khan

      All of this is just making me want to drop everything and visit that place even more.

      One day.

  • GeneS


  • Tomerd

    A definite WOW!
    Oh, how I wish I was there…

  • Carl

    Amazing footage. Were you flying visually or FPV. Which model of the Phantom and gimbal were you using?

  • Ibo

    From the beginning of the footage it seems to be a Phantom 1 with the Zenmuse gimbal.

    To everyone interested in those. I can only recommand. Awesome stuff.
    Be aware the Phantom 2 released a few months ago.

    You get the complete package (drone+ gimbal) for the price of the Phantom 1.

    Here is my footage with the phantom 2, no post stabilization:

    It isn’t as nice as Iceland though hahaha


  • Ryan Groom

    Inspiring stuff. Going in June with my Phantom. Can’t wait.