The best field recorders to buy in 2023

Aug 7, 2023
John Aldred

Having a good audio recorder in the field is invaluable for any filmmaker. (a.k.a. a field recorder or a portable recorder). Audio makes up half…

Canon reported to be working on a “zoomable” teleconverter

May 26, 2023
John Aldred

According to reports, Canon is working on a new type of teleconverter that it plans to release alongside the rumoured RF 200-500mm f/4 L IS….

This record-breaking camera can zoom in 100 million times

May 26, 2021
Dunja Djudjic

Step aside, Nikon P1000, the new king of zoom is here. It’s an electronic microscope, though, but it can zoom in 100 million times and…

Expert advice: How to do remote photo shoots using Zoom

Mar 3, 2021
Tara Todras-Whitehill

I’ve spent most of my career working as a photojournalist and director of photography, and I’m happy to have recently started working with Wonderful Machine…

Lawyer accidentally turns on cat filter during a Zoom hearing

Feb 10, 2021
Dunja Djudjic

Most meetings are happening via video call platforms nowadays. And where there’s video, there are video effects. Sometimes they appear in the most inappropriate situations,…

Canon has patented a strange-but-cool zoomable 1-2x teleconverter

Dec 11, 2020
John Aldred

Well, this is an interesting idea, and pretty unique, too. Canon has patented a zoomable teleconverter. You know, those things that effectively increase the focal…

Full Nikon Webcam Utility software is now out for Windows and Mac

Nov 5, 2020
Dunja Djudjic

Back in August, Nikon introduced its Webcam Utility software that lets you use your DSLR or mirrorless as a fancy web camera. It was in…

Here’s how to use the crop tool to zoom

Aug 20, 2020
Matt Ward

I want to talk today about one tool, in Lightroom and Photoshop, that is probably used on nearly every image but is not used to…

Nikon releases its Webcam Utility Software – but it’s a beta and it’s only for Windows

Aug 6, 2020
John Aldred

Recently, Nikon announced that they were going to be releasing a beta of their new “Webcam Utility Software” that allows certain Nikon DSLRs and Z…

Nikon finally joins everybody else – soon to let you use your DSLR or mirrorless as a webcam

Jul 21, 2020
John Aldred

I think this is the last of them now, but along with the new Nikon Z5, Nikon has also announced that they’re releasing the beta…