Alice Camera

Hands on with Alice – AI & smartphone-powered Micro Four Thirds camera

May 18, 2023
John Aldred

For those who haven’t followed Alice’s story over the last couple of years, Alice is an AI-powered Micro Four Thirds camera that works with your…

The AI-powered Alice Camera is now available to pre-order from £550 (~$750)

Feb 9, 2021
John Aldred

Alice Camera, the AI-powered computational photography camera that hooks up to your smartphone has just launched for pre-order through Indiegogo. Alice’s goal is to make…

“Alice” is an odd Micro Four Thirds camera that (literally) hooks up to your phone

Sep 23, 2020
John Aldred

Hooking a sensor up to your phone isn’t an entirely new concept. Sony tried something similar a while ago and then gave up. Chinese manufacturer…