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Matthew Parks
Matthew Parks is a New England based newborn and birth story photographer, husband, and father of three. To find out more, see Matthew’s website and follow him on Facebook.

Does size really matter? Why some pros switched from DSLRs to medium format

Nov 11, 2018
Matthew Parks

Digital medium format cameras hit the market in 1992, with Leaf’s release of the DCB. At the time, this 4mp back launched what would be…

Gear really doesn’t matter, its all about the story

Nov 4, 2018
Matthew Parks

Photography is a wonderfully dynamic form of expression. It is technical, artistic, timeless, evolved. We are in a phase in the industry where cameras and…

5 reasons to consider a photographic specialty

Oct 26, 2018
Matthew Parks

I am in many networks and circles comprised of professional and aspiring professional photographers. There are a lot of questions that get asked on a…