A quick rundown on what apple boxes are and what they’re used for

A quick rundown on what apple boxes are and what they’re used for


When you think about accessories used around the studio, apple boxes usually aren’t the first item that come to mind. But, they have their place and as simple as they might seem in concept, the reality is there are many ways to use them and various terms associated with each method.

To explain what the various terms and styles are, Jay P Morgan of The Slanted Lens has shared a helpful tutorial.

In the charismatic three minute video, Morgan breaks down the various terminology used to explain the sizes and methods for setting up apple boxes. He also shares the various uses for apple boxes on set, which can range from making a subject slightly taller to bringing a prop a little closer to the camera.

YouTube video

You can find full, half, quarter and pancake apple boxes at B&H. Or, like many other things we share, you could always make a DIY apple box with some 2x4s and plywood.

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