See New York Though The Eyes Of Flo Fox – A Blind Photographer

68 years old photographer Flo Fox is winning the war against will power every day. Born blind in one eye, she has been shooting for over 40 years, ever since she got her first paycheck and bought a camera.

flo fox

She jokes that she had a built in advantage in the fact that she did not have to close one eye to take a picture going from 3D to a two dimensional state just to take a photograph.

Around 30 years ago, her eye situation deteriorated and her healthy eye started texturing and loosing sight as well, and she needed a cane. She than discovered that she had MS (Multiple sclerosis), and she slowly started to loose motoric functions.

Flo’s poor sight prevented her from taking sharp photos, but around 1976, she started using autofocus which allowed her to continue shooting. And today she is directing her shoots by guiding her assistant.

flo fox

Flo has an uplifting and humorous approach to life (see her NSFW series at 5:47).  Riley Hooper is telling her story in this exciting documentary.

You can follow Flo fox’s work on her website.

  • Hamish Stewart

    Nice story, but there’s a big difference between blind and blind in one eye. #SensationalistHeadlines

  • Riley Hooper

    Thanks for the excellent post on my film!

  • fauxshizzl

    Was this written by a non-native English speaker or just someone with terrible spelling and grammar? I hope the former, because that would be somewhat excusable as a writer.

  • Kurt Langer

    Is she really only blind in one eye? Cant be bothered to watch the video then.