Real Or Fake? GoPro Captures Man/Shark Close Encounter at Sydney Harbour

Social media seems to be split around this video by Terry Tufferson that shows him avoiding a close encounter with a shark by the skin of his teeth. The video shows Terry jumping of Manly’s Jump Rock in Sydney Harbour and immediately getting a warning call from his buddy that stayed on land. Terry sees the white shark and start frantically swimming to shore, till he safely lands.

commenter Ninjo200 points out that this video has a very high potential of being fake.

At 0:58 He kicks his leg, But the shark changes location, When you keep repeating that part of the video you can see the shark teleport Near him! Correct me If I’m wrong, but this could be fake, If it was, Alot of editing and professional work, if not fake, Pure Luck he didn’t get hurt!

Here is a closer look at those few crucial seconds, what do you think?


[GoPro: Man Fights Off Great White Shark In Sydney Harbour h/t To Oren]

  • Jamas Justice

    Real or fake you shouldn’t flail around. If real, his only saving grace was to turn and face it. I’d have just crapped my pants and started punching.

  • Joseph Jobe

    I was THINKIN’ that might be Bullshit myself!

  • laurel

    Its a fake. Probably a viral ad.

    • ext237

      GoPro doesn’t have to make fakes to make great ads.

  • Rick

    That shark had absolutely no interest in him. It came over because of the splash, hoping to find a seal, nothing more.

  • Glen A Stromquist

    doesn’t really look like a fake to me, maybe if I get bored I’ll download it and watch it frame by frame in Vegas Pro

  • Nicholas Kingston

    It’s a total fake.

  • JodiRenshaw

    So fake.

  • Hugh Briss

    Looks real to me and I don’t see any teleportation, the shark is swimming quite rapidly and every time you see it between flashes of his flailing legs it’s closer. The other scene where the shark swims right up to him and his hand flies up while he’s trying to chase it away looks real too.

  • Yngve Thoresen

    So fake. When underwater there seems to be big waves, but quite still when filmed above. His mate is shouting “shark” and pointing after he hits the water, but you never hear a single word after that, not even when he gets out of the water. And his expression when filming himself in the end… But well done viral, no doubt.

  • Brian Hursey
  • Brian Hursey
  • thebeline

    Oh the joys of school projects… Fake: 100%

    The sweep-pan, while used correctly, is WAY too fast. The swimmer would break his neck if spinning his head that fast to look behind him. Also, note how at 1:11, the swimmer comes directly up out of the water, placing the location where the shark’s fin just broke the water just in front of him (missing) and by following the motion of the shark, would place the shark INSIDE the shoreline…

    Not bad, interesting, but fake.