This ‘Portable’ darkroom once owned by the US Army can be yours for just $2500

This ‘Portable’ darkroom once owned by the US Army can be yours for just $2500

Army Darkroom 2

If you’ve ever wanted your very own, military-grade portable darkroom, now’s your time to come forward and claim your desired possession.

Up for sale on Hillsborough, North Carolina’s Craigslist classified pages is a completely contained darkroom once used by the United States Army.

Painted the signature olive green of army equipment, this ‘portable’ darkroom comes equipped with enlargers, trays, print washers, timers, closets and more. Effectively, this is an entire darkroom in one, complete with proper ventilation and base for resting it on.

Army Darkroom 3

Don’t expect to get started out of the box though…the seller says the unit doesn’t come with any paper or chemicals.

Below are a few more detail shots of the unit:

Army Darkroom 6

Army Darkroom 5

Army Darkroom 4

Army Darkroom 1

The best part of this all is the price. For only $2,509 (or your best offer) you can call this yours and take it home. That’s likely less than you spent for your 5D Mark III and a sounds investment if you plan to shoot and develop a lot of film.

[via Reddit]

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