How Would Superman See It? Creative GoPro Usage

What if superman had was wearing a GoPro? Of course he does not probably need it having super memory, laser vision and that huge holodeck in the pole. But what if did?

His day may have looked something like this. The creative team at Corridor Digital made a short video showing the man in blue returning a camera to its owners, while flying the blue skies of LA.

Of course, CD did not actually have access to Clark Kent so they used a DJI Phantom 2 and a GoPro 3+ to take the flying shots and a real (cape wearing) actor to take the person shots and have a bit of a shake to cover the cut point.

The full BTS shows how some of the challenging shots were made. (Including how to make Superman look flying super fast)

[Superman With a GoPro | Corridor Digital, thanks for the heads up Stefan]

  • Tomerd

    Charming! My 10 years son enjoyed as much as I did :)